Muslim Brotherhood Wins Egyptian Doctors’ Union Elections Majority

Muslim Brotherhood Wins Egyptian Doctors’ Union Elections Majority

From Egypt’s pharmacists elections to Egyptian doctors’ elections, the prevailing results is a comprehensive and conclusive win for the Muslim Brotherhood’s "Doctors For Egypt" (DFE) list which ran against "Doctors’ Liberation Front" (DLF)that represented other doctors who also ran in the elections. Read More It is worth noting that the candidate lists of "Doctors For Egypt" secured wins for female and others nominees belonging to different intellectual and political factions, while the results so far have shown no wins for anyone of the dissolved National Party.

Dr. Ibrahim Suleiman Moqbil, one of the winning candidates said: The turnout was good, and the elections were held in a positive democratic atmosphere of freedom and independence, and were not disrupted by any untoward events or irregularities, stressing that doctors have set a good example and role model in the application of electoral processes.

At the level of the Egyptian Medical Syndicate, Dr. Khairy Abdel Dayem – supported by “Doctors for Egypt” won the seat for Chairman.

In Cairo, Dr. Saad Zaghloul (from the “Doctors for Egypt” (DFE) candidate list) won the seat for president of the union. DFE-Cairo had 16 candidates on its list, of whom two won seats: Dr. Ahmed Al-Sarawi and Dr. Omneya Ezzat.

In Alexandria (north of Cairo), Dr. Mohamed Wafik, at the top of the “Union Liberation Front“, won the seat of Alexandria Union President, as the DFE list (led by Muslim Brotherhood doctors) recorded a heavy loss, winning only two seats, while the full list of the “Doctors Liberation Front” won the seats they ran for.

Dr. Alaa Habashi, from the DFE candidate list, said that the elections were a celebration of democracy and independence which saw a good turnout in spite of the General Assembly not completing half its membership. “The number of those participating in the elections was five thousand doctors, of a total 17 thousand with the right to vote”, he added, expressing his pleasure at the final outcome and his full acceptance of the results.

He added that serving doctors is what all those on the DFE list has dedicated themselves to do. “Losing the elections does not mean we will abandon our colleagues. On the contrary, there will be more cohesion, as we endeavour to assist the winning council as much as we can. We will offer our innovating concepts and visions, and the projects we prepared for our program for the development of the union and the service of our colleagues, for the sake of the profession and all doctors.

In Giza, the DFE list won 9 seats, including the President and eight members.

The DFE candidates list, supported by the Muslim Brotherhood, in Giza included: Dr. Ayman Ibrahim Taha, Dr. Saad Abdel-Hakam, Dr. Alaa Shams, Dr. Mohammed Salem (above 15 yrs), Dr. Ahmed Reda, Dr. Ahmad Fawzi, Dr. Tariq Ismail, Dr. Mohammad Saidi (under 15 yrs) and Dr. Abdel Nasser Saqer – the DFE’s candidate for the seat of union President.

In Minya, Upper Egypt, four candidates from the DFE list won: two seats for the over-age, namely: Dr. Issam Shenawi and Dr. Wael Hamdi; and two seats for the ‘under the age’, namely: Dr. Osama Makhlouf and Dr. Tarek Khalaf; while the seat of the Minya doctors union President was won by Dr. Hassan Ismail, a candidate from the list of “Doctors For Change”.

Meanwhile, in Kafr El-Sheikh, one of the governorates of the Egyptian Delta, Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Azim, a candidate from the DFE list won the President’s seat of the doctors union of Kafr El-Sheikh, after fierce competition with rival Dr. Khaled Abdel-Latif Abu Samra.

DFE candidates also won 6 of the total of 8 membership seats – above 15 yrs: Dr. Hamdi Ismail, Dr. Walid Kamal Allam and Dr. Essam Mansour; while the fourth seat was won by Dr. Abdel Moneim Ibrahim Abdullah (from the list of “Doctors For Change”).

Further, the DFE won 3 seats (under 15 yrs), namely: Dr. Ahmed Saadi, Dr. Hamada Tayel and Dr. Walaa Manna; while the fourth seat was won by Dr. Ahmed Abdel Fattah Ganzouri (from the "Doctors For Change" list).

In Menoufia, the "Doctors For Egypt" list won 6 seats in addition to the seat for union President, won by Dr. Atef Hamada. Moreover, three candidates won above the age seats, namely: Dr. Nabil Saad, Dr. Huda Subki and Dr. Mohammed Jilani; while 3 other candidates won under age seats, namely: Dr. Ahmed Sami, Dr. Ahmad Walash and Dr. Gabriel Nasser.

In the Gharbiya governorate, the list of "Doctors For Egypt" lost the President ‘s post; but won eight member seats.

Dr. Majid Hefnawi (independent) won the seat of Gharbiya union President. The DFE list in its entirety won the above and below the age seats: Dr. Hamad Farid, Dr. Kamal Mutawa, Dr. Mohammed Fares and Dr. Ashraf Massad won above-the age seats.

Also, Dr. Inas Maddah, Dr. Ibrahim Badraya, Dr. Ahmed Nili and Dr. Ismail Hijazi won member seats.

In Damietta, Dr. Abdo Bardawil (from the DFE list) won the seat of union President, while Dr. Hassan Morsi (member of the Secretariat of the "Freedom and Justice" party), Dr. Saeed Amasha, Dr. Mohammad Mashadd, Dr. Magda Taher Abu al-Khair and Dr. Tarek Omran won member seats.

Meanwhile, the candidate list of the "Coalition of Damietta Doctors" won 3 seats, for Dr. Joseph Al-Masri, Dr. Ismail Hefnawi and Dr. Mohsen Al-Saab.

In Port Said, DFE candidates won 3 seats out of 4 they ran for in the elections, namely: the seat of union President for Dr. Magdy El-Desoki (independent), and member seats (over age) for Dr. Ahmed Morsy (Doctors for Egypt – 515 votes), Dr. Sahar Khudairi (also Doctors For Egypt – 380 votes), Dr. Hassan Al-Isnawi (independent – 515 votes), and Dr. Adel Attallah (independent – 340 votes).

Under-age Council membership seats were won by Dr. Yasser Awad (Doctors For Egypt – 359 votes), and Dr. Raji Baybars (Coalition for Change – 257 votes), Dr. Ahmed Attia (Doctors without Rights – 257 votes) and Dr. Mohammed Abdul Wahab (independent – 250 votes).

In Assiut, the DFE candidate list claimed 5 out of 8 seats in the elections of the syndicate in Assiut, namely: Dr. Ahmed Ismail Ziada, Dr. Kamal al-Din Hussein, Dr. Ali Hassan al-Wafa, amongst over-15-yr union members.

Of the under-15-yr union members, Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Abbas and Dr. Khaled Saad Zaghloul won, while the list’s candidate for the post of union president Dr. Yahya Kishk lost out to Dr. Rushdie Khayat (a candidate of the Free list).

In a statement, Dr. Ahmed Ziada reiterated that: The elections were held in a positive democratic atmosphere of freedom and independence, and were not disrupted by any untoward events or irregularities, stressing that doctors have set a good example and role model in the application of electoral processes.

Dr. Ahmed Ziada also expressed his joy and happiness, shared by all the doctors of Egypt as they watched Egypt’s first free elections in twenty years take place.

In Dakahlia, the entire DFE list – which included 9 candidates – won in the elections. Dr. Jad al-Mawla Abdul Aziz won the union President seat.

Further, the DFE won four over-age seats, namely: Dr. Khaled Fathi, Dr. Salem Dergham, Dr. Abdullah Ragheb, Dr. Mohamed Yahqout; and four under-age candidates, namely: Dr. Attiya Ghraib, Dr. Tamer Al-Gendy, Dr. Romesa Denyor and Dr. Adel Jananini.

In Aswan, three candidates from the "Doctors for Egypt" list won over-15-yrs seats: Dr. Ali Ibrahim, Dr. Rabia Hussein and Dr. Mostafa Hamouda, whereas the list’s under-the-age candidates were unsuccessful: Mohamed Abdel-Fattah and Mohamed Ahmed Shehata.

In Qaliubiya, the DFE list won 5 out of 8 seats – over-the-age: Dr. Samir Attia, Dr. Ahmad Rashad and Dr. Alaa Abdel Muati Faraj; and uner-the-age: Dr. Mahmoud Jihad and Dr. Walid Mohammed Abdel Wahab; while Dr. Osama Abdel-Wahab (DFE) won the position/seat of Qaliubiya doctors union President.

In North Sinai, the list of "Doctors for Egypt" claimed 6 out of 8 seats in union elections: Dr. Ashraf Hanafi and Dr. Mohammad Rustam, amongst over-15-yars union members.

Under-15-ys union members Dr. Ibrahim Suleiman Moqbil, Dr. Mahmoud Jumaa, Dr. Izz al-Din Mohamed and Dr. Ali Salama Ali won membership seats. On the other hand, the list’s Dr. Mahmoud al-Ghoul lost the seat of union President, for Dr. Salah Salam (independent).