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  • August 10, 2011
  • 3 minutes read

Muslim Brotherhood Youth Launch “Ikhwan Cinema” on Facebook

Muslim Brotherhood Youth Launch “Ikhwan Cinema” on Facebook

A group of young Muslim Brotherhood members launched an entertainment page on the social networking site Facebook titledIkhwan Cinema, rocketing to almost 9000 fans, and intending to relay the group’s ideologies in an offhand and informal manner.

Productions posted include satirical comedies, short films and plays filmed, acted and organized by a team.

According to the page’s admin Yaser Al Saeed, ‘Ikhwan Cinema’ was launched for the world to see. It addresses problems and covers numerous topics including sectarian strife, sedition and the historical revolution which succeeded in ousting Mubarak and his corrupt regime. It also dedicated a film to the martyrs and victims of the revolution acknowledging their sacrifices.

The page is dedicated to making art meaningful, he said, and offers a fun, informal and informative perspective of the group. The page admins say they aim at turning their virtual project to a real one, citing the MB’s endorsement of theater and the arts since its establishment.

The movies produced by the page include "How It Happened" that discusses the reasons for sectarian conflicts in Egypt, "Not Enough" another movie denouncing bribery, "A Fishing Trip" dedicated to the souls of revolution martyrs, "A Blind Eye" that seeks to eliminate sectarianism, "Oh Moderates" that calls for moderation and denounces extremism.