Muslim Brotherhood Youth

 Youth compose a broad, significant and effective key in the Muslim Brotherhood making up one of the most important and powerful elements of the group. With their insight and vision for the future, the youth are able to preserve the MB’s existence, progress and development. In turn, the older generation with its experience over the years is able to combine its knowledge and skills in promoting the group’s different activities integrating all factions without the need to divide the MB into age groups. With its consensus policy and variety of ideas and suggestions between both generations, the MB is able to develop, mature and expand, proving it is a pro-active group rather than an inactive faction.

The idea of having internal conflict among both generations within the group is blown out of proportion and is a by-product of the media, which concentrates on youth as being the focal point of the revolution. Despite negative focus on the few and healthy differences on few issues within the two age groups, most MB activities and decisions are supported by both its youth and the older generation, but the media do not focus on that.