Muslim Brotherhood’s English editor banned from leaving Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood’s English editor banned from leaving Egypt

Egypt’s powerful Muslim Brot herhood reported on Saturday that Khaled Hamza, its English language editor of their Web site, was not allowed to travel to London for medical assistance.

One of the group’s younger bloggers, who often helps with the Web site, told PANA here that Hamza had been going to England to seek medical aid for health reasons, but was turned away at the airport.

According to the Brotherhood, customs officials stopped Hamza and barred him from boarding his planned flight, saying that he could not leave the country because he was part of a banned organization.

Hamza, the Managing Editor of Ikhwanweb, had pre-arranged the trip to the United Kingdom for treatment for weeks before Saturday. But security would not allow him to leave the country, which the Brotherhood says would put his health condition and treatments at serious risk.

He was interrogated inside Cairo International Airport before being allowed to return to his home.

Hamza, also an Egyptian political figure and activist, was detained previously for his activities in supporting human rights in Egypt. He is a member of the Arab Committee for Human Rights in Paris.

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