Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement Commemorating the 1973 War

Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement Commemorating the 1973 War

Today, marks the anniversary of the 10th of Ramadan victory in 1973, an immortal victory had been turned into a spiritless annual celebration. This occasion had been turned, under the military rule, into a defeat after it was a historic achievement. It also had become a reminder of our current national humiliation.

The liberation of Sinai, crossing of the Suez canal, overrunning the Barlev fortifications line, and breaking the "invincible" army by our brave soldeirs had proven the strength of the Egyptians’ resolve to restore national dignity, liberty, and will. The 10th of Ramadan battle had shown that we are the hard figure that should be taken extremely seriously if our resolve and will are free. 

It is so painful that this memory, that is dear to all Egyptians and Arabs, comes while we live a miserable reality that nobody can be proud of. Indeed, el Sisi and his gang had destroyed all the meanings of life and civilization on the beloved land of Sinai. He started his evil plan towards making Sinai the launching pad for the ominous "Century Deal" as he undertakes betrayal and collusion turning Sinai into a base to secure his Zionist allies, while Egyptians in Sinai suffer oppression, displacement, and killing!

The 10th of Ramadan war will remain an inspirational memory that fuels the feelings of dignity and bravery, and symbolizes the hope that the coming generation will purify the country from each malicious, and restore the meanings of real dignity and national pride.

The day will come when the new 10th of Ramadan will crush the traitors, and destroy enemy’s fortresses. 

Hassan Saleh

Media spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood

Saturday, Ramadan 10, 1439 AH, May 26, 2018