Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement On the Anniversary of the July 3rd Military Coup in Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement On the Anniversary of the July 3rd Military Coup in Egypt

 Just days before the anniversary of the ominous military coup of July 3, 2013, the fascist coup forces continue to murder and indiscriminately assassinate the Egyptian youth, as if they commemorate their bloody coup, insisting on their continued rejection of any human values ​​and their contempt of law, imposing the law of the jungle on Egyptian society, with no regard to the human right to life.

In addition to the executing the young Abd Al Rahman Al Jabarti few days ago, the referral of the case of six innocent people yesterday to the Mufti (as a prelude to hand them death sentences), and the announcement of killing four people yesterday in Assiut, the criminal ruling gang assassinated six additional young men at once and in cold blood in the Biheira governorate, claiming that they represent the so-called armed wing of the Muslim Brotherhood whereas the far and near knows that the Muslim Brotherhood does not have armed wings in any way, shape or form, and that it is far from all acts of violence as affirmed by its approach and practice since its inception.

Therefore, the lies that the proponents of the military coup have been promoting regarding the Muslim Brotherhood do not appeal to the public.

It is appalling that this continuous bloodshed, perpetrated by these murderers, has not yet received a serious and dissuasive attitude from the international community, international human rights organizations and the free world, which hence obligates on the international community and the partners in the revolution to swiftly move and fulfill their obligations to stop these violations and crimes.

The blood of the innocent victims which had been shed since the coup of the third of July 2013 will not go in vain, and the criminals will be held accountable for shedding every drop of blood after fair and decisive trials no matter how long this will take, God willing.

Dr. Talaat Fahmy

Spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood

Thursday, 14 Shawwal 1439 AH, June 28, 2018