Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on the Unjust Death Sentences Against 75 Political Prisoners of Its Members

Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on the Unjust Death Sentences Against 75 Political Prisoners of Its Members

A new massacre is being prepared by the fascist military coup through its politicized judiciary, which today, September 8, issued an initial and unjust death sentences against 75 of the finest among Egypt’s men, and prison sentences for varying periods for a number of other honorable individuals who have been forcibly abducted.

Days after the fifth anniversary of the Rabaa massacre, these malicious rulings are issued against the survivors of that massacre, whereas the murderers were rewarded and legally protected from trial and accountability, and even interrogation for the crimes and massacres they committed against innocent victims in the Rabaa and Al Nahda massacres and other crimes in a legislative farce before the eyes of the whole world.

It is needless to reaffirm that all these rulings are politicized since they have been issued by a carefully selected judicial circuit from among the specialized judicial circuits in an attempt to abort the revolution of the Egyptian people, get rid of Egypt’s revolutionaries and patriots who rose up in the revolution of January 25, 2011, and to return Egypt again to dictatorship, repression and subordination.

These malicious judgments were issued at a time when the treacherous coup authority continues its crimes to crush the future of the homeland by arresting, torturing and forcibly abducting the finest youth and citizens. Today, Egypt is in the grip of an evil alliance of military leaders, corrupt judges, misleading media machine and chief saboteurs who have looted Egypt, and squandered its capabilities.

This brutal alliance seeks to eradicate all honorable, patriotic, proponents of good cause, national independence and national dignity across all ideological, political and social spectrum for the interest and service of its dictatorial authority and the enemies of the nation who are eager to subjugate Egypt after impoverishing the Country, depriving it from its human resources and undermining its prosperity. 

The Muslim Brotherhood has repeatedly warned against the ominous consequences of this evil alliance, and today it reaffirms the dangers of its undertakings with respect to the country and its people, and these judgments are the best proof of this. We call upon all Egyptians and Egypt’s patriotic forces to unite their ranks so as to recover the people’s usurped rights, and to rid the homeland of the rule of this tyrannical regime.

The Muslim Brotherhood receives these unjust rulings with more steadfastness and perseverance on the path of the Islamic Call, and the establishing Allah’s  guidance without hesitation or fear. It will not be deterred or intimidated by any power so as to disrupt its path towards the rise of Islam and its dissemination in the world, preserve the interests of the homeland and achieve the people’s aspirations and interests in fulfillment of its highest mission.

Muslim Brotherhood

Saturday, 26 Dhu al Hijjah 1439 AH, September 8th, 2018