Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on the Executions of 15 Innocents by Sisi’s Regime

Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on the Executions of 15 Innocents by Sisi’s Regime

Not far from the time of the terrorist attack that took place in Bir-Al-‘Abd, North Sinai, which murdered over 300 martyrs while they were performing Friday Prayer; and in an attempt to mix cards, the coup regime executed 15 young men accused of crimes for which no evidence had been proven, and no credible investigation has been conducted into the allegations. The executions is the outcome of military trials that lack the minimum acceptable standards of fair trials. 

The goes back to 2013, when no terror incidents were witnessed yet in Sinai or elsewhere according to the testimony of the military coup leader, who requested then an ‘authorization’ to fight what he called ‘probable terror’, which indicates that that period was completely without any terrorist incidents.

The condemnation of innocent civilian youth, putting them through mock military trials, and charging them with terror allegations is a serious mixing of cards, and undermining the notion of justice at its roots. Meanwhile it seems clearly that the judicial system, both civil and military, had been corrupted and subordinated by the military regime, and misused as tool of vendetta. 

Our firm and principled position of rejecting and condemning terror, regardless of its form and cause, does not prevent us from condemning these unjust executions against young people who have not been proven guilty of any crime and did not receive a fair impartial trial by a just judge. 

We hold the authority of the military coup fully responsible for every life that has been unjustly killed. We assert that the use of brute force by the military regime will not change the position of the Egyptian people, and the Muslim Brotherhood at its core, as to continue rejecting the military coup and to work to bring it down.

Dr.. Talaat Fahmy

Spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood

Tuesday, 8 Rabi’ II, 1439 Hejri 

December, 26, 2017