Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on Palestine Land Day

Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on Palestine Land Day

"Then when the final promise came, [We sent your enemies] to sadden your faces and to enter the Masjid [in Jerusalem] as they entered it the first time .." (Quran 17:7)

Throughout history, Palestine has always been the pulse of the heart of the Muslim Ummah; reflects its condition; strength; or weakness. Great and courageous heroes glorified in Islamic history have always showed commitment through their words and actions to protect Al Quds [Jerusalem], which has been a testimony of their wisdom and great reputation. 

Muslim Brotherhood generations are raised on the principle of resisting every foreign occupier of Muslim lands and homes.

Muslim Brotherhood battalions in the 1948 war were the force that destroyed the arrogance of the Zionist occupation. Resistance movements then followed their path inside Palestinian lands. The issue of liberating every inch of Palestine and returning the Palestinian people to their homes is among the central issues that Muslim Brotherhood members carry on their shoulders.

The persecution, displacement and fragmentation suffered by Arab and Muslim peoples is the result of the ruling regimes’ repressive policies, and their shameful normalization and collusion with the enemy. We can now see openly their treason and their service of Zionist occupation as they fight to eliminate all advocates of freedom and dignity within their own ranks.

The Muslim Brotherhood believes that the blessed land of Palestine will be the ultimate prize to be gained by Muslims after their homelands are liberated from every oppressive traitor. 

On Palestine Land Day, the Muslim Brotherhood affirms the following:

– The right of Muslims and Arabs in every inch of the occupied land of Palestine is inherent and unalienable.

– Our support for all resistance movements against the Zionist occupation inside Palestine.

– Full solidarity with all Arab and Muslim peoples suffering the scourge of displacement around the world, resulting of oppression and injustice imposed on them, and affirms its support of their full right to return.

– Thank the peoples of the free World, who have opened their homes to refugees, and asks them to pressure their governments to support overthrowing the oppressors, so that peoples can return to their homes and rule their country with freedom and justice.

– Reject all calls for treachery and normalization with the Zionist occupier, or the so-called ‘Deal of the Century’. 

– Affirm that those who support this ominous deal or call for the waiver of the Arabs’ rights, especially Palestinians’ rights in their land and their homes, history will consider them as traitors and fifth column, and their fall is inevitable exactly as the inevitabile fall of the Zionist project.

Ahmed Assem

Media Spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo – Saturday, 14 Rajab 1439 AH March 31, 2018