Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on International Workers’ Day

Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on International Workers’ Day

On International Workers’ Day, we remind the world of the abuse Egypt’s workers suffer, like the rest of Egyptians. The military coup turned Egypt into a camp to absorb its wealth and resources, and subjugate the people either by imprisonment or poverty and need.

Thousands of factories have gone out of business; workers have been laid off either by arbitrary dismissal or forced early retirement.  Large national projects and employment venues have stopped, and young people became unable to find suitable job opportunities, especially in the unfriendly climate of investment and private sector.

The military coup reintroduced feudalism in its worst form, with the army dominating major projects as a competitor to the private sector.

During the one year tenure of President Morsi, workers were paid special attention to their social welfare, the stabilization of temporary employment, and the rescue of faltering factories.

Today, as we affirm our full support for the workers of Egypt, we applaud their steadfastness and movement throughout the ages, we are also certain that they are the core of the freedom fighting people; they will never condone the miserable situation to which their country has reached. Time and again, the voice of the workers was the strongest, and was the conscience of the nation and the marker of transition. The country expects more from workers to recover the country real freedom, and with real freedom workers will enjoy their rights. 

Hassan Saleh

Media spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood

Shaaban 15, 1439 AH

May 1, 2018