National Council of Muslim Youth (NACOMYO) has frowned at what it described as the marginalization and under representation of Muslims in Oyo State cabinet.
NACOMYO, in a statement signed by its Co-ordinator, Alhaji Moshood Akintola expressed misgivings at the perceived marginalization, which he said underscored the Christopher Adebayo Alao Akala-led administration’s disposition towards Muslims.
He regretted that out of the 38 permanent secretaries in the state, only six slots were given of Muslims as against 32 for Christians.
According to him, in the state executive council, nine Muslims were appointed as against 11 Christians while only four special advisers were given to Muslims while Christians have six.
He said that the lopsidedness also extended to Chairmen of government agencies as only six were given to Muslims out of 31 board chairmen with Christians having 25.
“In all, out of the 35 deputy assistants and senior special assistants to the governor, only six Muslims were appointed while our Christian counterparts got 25.” He said.
to the NACOMYO leader, the appointment did not represent the numerical strength of Muslims in the state, as he claimed with the background of the 1991 census figure suggesting that Muslims are more in number than any other religious groups in the state.
 He maintained that Muslims in the state had capable and competent hands to hold positions of trust.
Commenting on the proposal to return mission schools to their former owner, Akintola said such move would have a negative impact as it will lead to anarchy and a high rate of school drop-outs.
He however advised the governor to tow the line of peace, unity and equity by redressing all the perceived imbalances, so that the state would witness development and growth in all sectors.
Al-Iblag Information Centre,
Jama’atu Ta’awunil Muslimeen,