Muslims, Christians stand against the Gaza siege

Muslims, Christians stand against the Gaza siege

The Muslim-Christian Committee and the General Islamic Conference for Jerusalem have called on the international community and human rights organizations to immediately move to end the crippling unjust siege on Gaza Strip.

“You should play an active role in halting the [Israeli] aggression against an unarmed people to avoid a human catastrophe that could lead to massive exodus of thousands of Palestinians out of the country”, asserted the two groups in a joint statement they issued in this regard.

They also urged Arab and Muslim peoples and governments to express stronger solidarity with the Palestinian people, and to extend them all means of moral and material support.

Moreover, the two organizations accused the Israeli occupation of accelerating efforts to judaize the occupied city of Jerusalem by means of distorting its Arab and Muslim landmarks, and by initiating essential changes in the geographic and demographic nature of the city and its inhabitants.

They also condemned Israeli plans to build a synagogue in the plaza of the Aqsa Mosque, asserting that “Israel, by this act, discloses facts of its greed in gobbling up Palestinian lands, breaking will of the Palestinian people, humiliating the Arab and Muslim Ummah, destroying basis of peace, and wasting all chances for a lasting peace in the region”.