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  • July 8, 2007
  • 2 minutes read

Muslims And Christians Rally For Peace And Unity in Alexandria

Muslims And Christians Rally For Peace And Unity in Alexandria

In an astounding scene that portrayed the genuine and deep rooted love among christians and muslims in Egypt, thousands  marched Tuesday through the streets of Alexandria, holding banners and chanting slogans that reflect on the spirit of love and peace that connect them together. Churches and mosques’ leaders led the crowds holding hands and raising Quran, crosses, and signs that read, “Long live the Crescent with the Cross”. People watching through windows and balconies threw chocolate on the crowds expressing their joy.

In highely emtotioal moment that brough tears to the eys, bells rang out from surrounding churches as the crowds passed by in a call for peace. An Egyptian flag could be seen flying on top one of the churchs in a day that certainly helped to bring tranquility and normality back to the streets where Muslims and Christians always lived in peace.

The rally was a brilliant idea by a member in National Democratic Party and was met by enthusiasm from several community leaders both Christians and Muslims.

On the other hand, the Muslim Brotherhood PMs from Alexandria issued a statement thanking all of those who helped defuse the situation. MB played a major rule in bringing an end to the violence that swept though the city over a three days period after a “mentally disturbed”  person allegedly stabbed several worshippers in three churches in Alexandria last Friday killing one and injuring five. The matter is still under investigation.

Muslim Brotherhood Invites Copts to run in next Municipal elections

Meanwhile, Mr. Ali Abdel Fattah, a leader of the MB in Alexandria, called upon Copts to break their state of isolation and participate in the political process. He invited them to run with the Muslim Brotherhood on their electoral list during the upcoming municipal elections and participate in charitable projects organized by the MB to serve local communities. He also hoped to see the Copts effectively join the battle for reform and ending the emergency laws.