Muzaini: European parties approaching Hamas over Shalit deal

Muzaini: European parties approaching Hamas over Shalit deal

Dr. Osama Al-Muzaini, one of the Hamas political leaders, affirmed on Monday that a number of European parties were having contacts with Hamas to mediate a prisoners” exchange deal with Israel but nothing concrete has been reached yet.

Muzaini in a press statement said that talks were made but no agreement was reached so far, explaining that an agreement was reached 11 months ago but the Israelis rejected it.

He said that Hamas is insisting on its demand for the release of 1,000 Palestinian prisoners including women, children and those serving high sentences.

The Israeli occupation authority at first agreed to the deal but when the names were given, it retracted its approval, he said.

The Hamas leader refused to accept Israel”s selection of prisoners to be released and impose its conditions. He denied any progress in the talks and blamed the IOA for its blackmailing attempts that caused the delay.

Muzaini stressed that Hamas would not retreat on its given list of names, underlining that there would be no deal without releasing prisoners serving high sentences.