My message to the Jews

My message to the Jews

I realize very  well that you are not carbon copies of each other. And I also know that there are many Jews around the world who truly despise what Israel has been doing to the Palestinian people in your name.

I earnestly commend these conscientious Jews  for their morality and human decency. It is these honest people who enable us to retain the hope that counting on Judaic morality is not a lost cause.

Non the less, there are huge numbers of Jews who have found themselves transformed into soldiers of darkness and advocates of evil. There are Jews who shamelessly advocate the total annihilation of the Palestinian people. Unfortunately, these psychopaths are not isolated or marginal figures. On the contrary, they are highly respected by their hundreds of thousands of followers.

It is these misguided and misguiding multitudes of Jews I am addressing in this brief  article. And,  in truth, my ultimate goal is not to vilify and demonize, but rather to warn and  admonish them to wake up from worshiping this modern Golden Calf, otherwise known as the State of Israel.

To begin with,  I would like to remind you of a  Talmudic story, which I believe is familiar to many of you. The story is told that a heathen came to Shammai with the request to be accepted as a convert on condition that he was taught the whole of the Torah while he stood on one foot. The Rabbi drove him away with the yard-stick which he was holding. He then went to Hillel with the same request; and he said to him: “What is hateful to you yourself, do not do to your fellow-man. That is the whole of the Torah and the remainder is but commentary. Go, learn it.”

Yes, yes, what is hateful to  yourself, don’t do  to your fellow-man. What beautiful words of light and wisdom!

Now are you mentally prepared   to accept this universal law, which nearly every Jew on earth would agree encapsulates Judaic (and supposedly Jewish) morality?

If you are, then you should thoroughly examine your attitudes toward Israel, a state that has more in common with the ideas of Hitler than it doses with the teachings of Moses.

Israel is deceiving you, lying to you and betraying your moral legacy, the legacy bequeathed by  the Israelite prophets,  and their (our) forefather Ibrahim,  who taught mankind “thou shall not murder, thou shall not lie, and thou shall not steal…..and be just.”

I am sorry to speak in such a harsh tone, but, in truth, Israel and Zionism succeeded through the years in transforming you from a people who believe in justice and value  morality into murderers and justifiers of murder, into thieves and justifiers of theft, and into liars who have to change the black into white and the white into black in order to  cover up their shame,  and then call the lies strange names such as  hasbara and public relations and political correctness.

In your name, Israel, knowingly and deliberately, is  slaughtering innocent people, including  children.

This is not done by mistake as  Israeli leaders and spokespeople would falsely  claim. When “mistakes “ happen every day and every hour and every minute, they are no longer mistakes. They are policy.  Besides the images are too graphic to be ignored  and too obscenely brazen to be  dismissed as “Arab propaganda.” They transcend reality.

In your name, Israel has been carrying out ethnic cleansing, in its ugliest forms, all under the pretext of “maintaining Israel’s Jewish identity!!” you see the pornographic oppression, coming from a people who claim to adhere to the Ten Commandments.

In your name, Israel in the summer of 2006  dropped millions of cluster bombs or bomblets all over South Lebanon. Is this the light upon the nations that  you claim to be? Shame on you!

It is because of your  crimes against man  and God that we, the Palestinians,   have effectively become “the Jews of our time,” while you  have  effectively become the “anti-Semites of our time.”  You, the Jews, the victims of the holocaust, and the numerous  pogroms and inquisitions, have turned out to be like all underdogs, when you get on the top, you become as murderous and as brutal to your victims as your former oppressors were to you when you were underneath.

The Nazis looked down on Jews and others as untermensch, and you are  looking  down on us as “Arabs”.!! The Nazis sought expansion at their neighbors’ expense and called it “lebensraum.” And you are doing the same,  under the pretext of building “housing units for Jews.” The Nazis carried out “pacifications” in which innocent people were mercilessly killed;  and you carry out “defensive operations” during which you wreak death and havoc on  innocent people.  At least the Nazis didn’t lie about their criminality as much as you do about yours. You are not only  evil murderers and great child killers. You are also nefarious liars.

The Nazis believed in an Aryan  “master race” and you, Zionists, are trying to make a “race” out of Jews. Your methods are similar and  your goals are nearly identical.

You can’t deny this; we are not naïve North Americans or Europeans whom you think you can bamboozle very easily.  We have been through it all, from creation to destruction.

I am saying this because in the final analysis when people, any people, including Jews, behave and act  as the Nazis did, they themselves become Nazis. Evil, whether done by a “master race” or a “chosen people” is evil. Evil can’t be kosher.  True, there are no gas chambers  in Gaza and Hebron. But you are killing us with F-16 fighters and tanks and artillery and apache helicopters. So, the outcome is the same. Besides, the writing is literally on the wall. Come to Hebron and see for yourselves.

Too harsh?

No, it is not, because if what is happening today in Palestine at the hands of holocaust children and grand children and great grandchildren is having no effects on your individual and collective conscience, it is immensely naïve to think that you will  experience a moral awakening  when the  pharaohs of Israel, people like Matan Vilnai, choose to carry out their threatened “greater holocaust”  against  our people.

Many of you may be forgiven for being ignorant of Israel’s reality of evil. But you are not a people of ignorance. Which means you  are doing  and supporting  evil knowingly and consciously. If so, you are no better than your past tormentors.

Don’t be so excited about America’s unlimited and unrestricted support and backing. America is not helping you to uphold your moral principles, America is “helping” you to destroy these principles, which you are doing anyway.

Needles to say,  when an evil power “helps” you corrode your moral system, this should not be a cause for joy and satisfaction.   I am sure that wise men and women  amongst  you understand the meaning  of my words.

Finally, I call on you to wake up from this toxic arrogance of power,  this collective megalomania  and  false sense of triumph.  You are actually experiencing a collective psychosis, a virtual moral meltdown. Hence, you are really in a big trouble.  
And, now,  a few words to Jews in Israel-Palestine. Soon you will  be celebrating  Israel’s 60th anniversary, which is for us is  a profoundly  inauspicious occasion commemorating evil and genocide. Because you destroyed our homes, obliterated our towns and villages, perpetrated untold massacres, and expelled the bulk of our people,  at gun point,  to the four corners of the globe. And you had the audacity to call all of this  evil “war of independence” and to claim that “they just fled away…”!!!

Notwithstanding , you are still as blind as you are brutal despite the passage of 60 years.

If you had invested a fraction of the  means at your disposal;  if you had used your energies and industriousness and creativity for peace with your neighbors, peace would have been realized a long time ago.

But you were not interested in peace then as you are not interested in peace now. Instead you were busy then and as you are busy now stealing our land and building thereon Jewish-only  settlements inhabited by fanatical settlers who are taught that the only way to expedite the appearance of the “redeemer” is by shedding non-Jewish blood and  doing evil.

Well, since when murder and evil  can produce good?

Non the less, it is  perhaps  not too late to try to rectify your evil ways and  morbid thinking.

Try to reach out to the Palestinians and Arabs and Muslims. Remember, this is a predominantly Muslim region, and in a few decades, there will be 700 or 800 million Muslims in your vicinity.  Think about your future generations. Maybe, just maybe, America’s military and economic power will have gone with the wind by then.

More over, try  to show respect to Islam, because without respecting Islam, you don’t really respect Judaism. This is instead of  vilifying the religion that describes the Torah as “a book of light.”

And stop this dishonorable alliance  with those  pseudo-Christian  maniacs who  advocate and actively push for a  worldwide  Armageddon in which hundreds of millions of people, including 99% of Jews,  would perish, all  in order to induce the second advent of Jesus.

But above all,  stop killing and tormenting  the helpless Palestinians for you had been helpless yourselves. Stop killing their children. Stop destroying their homes. Stop confiscating their land. Stop  imprisoning their sons unjustly. Stop narrowing their horizons. Stop your mass murder, mass terror and mass oppression.  Stop making a hell out of our daily life. Yes, stop it, if not for justice and human decency, then for your own safety. Oppression boomerangs as we saw recently in Jerusalem.

And don’t get emboldened by American officials who tell you …Kill, kill, kill and we will stand by you! because America and its immoral politicians are thousands of miles away…but we are destined to be neighbors, or even citizens of the same state.

And remember, it is not an act of heroism to murder unprotected innocent civilians, using the state-of-the-art of America’s technology  of death. History won’t be kind to you.

What heroism is there in having an F-16 fighter rain death on  sleeping children and women at a refugee camp?

Shame on you.