NAC representative calls for a unified stance on elections

NAC representative calls for a unified stance on elections

During a seminar held at the Pharmacists Club titled “The Future of Change in Egypt ”, Nafaa asserted that it would be imperative that the opposition agrees on a list of candidates who would run under “The Change List” banner.

According to Dr. Mohamed Ghoneim, a coordinator for the NAC in Daqahliya, the regime is unlikely to provide guarantees for fair elections.

As elections near, the Egyptian newspaper Al Masry Alyoum reported that Gamal Mubarak’s campaign in Suez has gathered 8850 signatures since the it began ten days ago, according to campaign coordinator Mohamed Ali Raslan.

Raslan refutes allegations that Gamal lacks a popular base. Meanwhile, in the Egyptian governorate In Qalyubiya, another pro-Gamal campaign named “the Crescent and Cross United” was launched.

However, a campaign for anti-Gamal petitions led by NAC in Sharqiya is expected to launch from the Democratic Front Party headquarters. Ayman Nour, founder of the Ghad Party and 2005 presidential contender, and George Ishaq, NAC coordinator for the governorates, are expected to attend.

The new campaign is intended to counter growing pro-Gamal campaigns.