NAC Threatens to boycott elections if demands for guarantees against rigging defied

NAC Threatens to boycott elections if demands for guarantees against rigging defied

 A number of association members and representatives of different political groups attended the conference where the NAC also called for international supervision.
Tagammu’s Abul Ezz el-Hariri claimed that “Violating the principle of international oversight goes against our national interest”.

While, George Ishaq, an NAC leader, stated that opposition parties would be denied just participation in the electoral process since it suffers from existing deficiencies. He also proposed a number of changes to the current system, including the elimination of the emergency law which was recently extended and continues to be used to intimidate voters, conditions for international supervision by an objective body, in addition to the introduction of a mechanized registration system that requires voters to present National ID cards and balloting stations.

Democratic Front Party leader Osama el-Ghazali Harb, asserted that the NAC organization represents all sectors of society united by the single purpose of turning Egypt into a democratic state which is ranked highly among countries of the developed world.

Mohamed Ali Bishr, member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Executive Bureau and also a victim of the unjust and abused emergency law announced that Brotherhood leaders, including the Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie encouraged people to sign the NAC’s charter in an effort to pressuring the ruling regime. He stressed that change will not be achieved unless millions demand it. The MB’s official website “Ikhwanonline” has in fact launched an online petition urging people to participate in the call for 7 demands.

MB representative Hussein Lazoumy also called on the people to take to the streets to bring forth their demands and make sure they were heard.