Na’im: Wounded Palestinians are dying in Gaza hospitals

Na’im: Wounded Palestinians are dying in Gaza hospitals

Na”im: Wounded Palestinians are dying in Gaza hospitals

GAZA, (PIC)– Dr. Basim Na”im, the PA health minister, said on Wednesday that scores of Palestinian citizens wounded in the IOF attacks on Gaza Strip were dying in local hospitals because of lack of medicine and medical equipments.

In a press conference he held in Gaza city to explain the health condition in the tiny Gaza Strip amidst the persistent IOF attacks and the continued Israeli hermitic blockade on it, Naim appealed to the international community.

“Gaza is weakened by wounds”, Naim said in the press conference urging Arab and Muslim worlds and concerned international organizations to seriously and effectively mobilize their efforts to lift the repressive siege on Gaza Strip.

He explained that the shortage of medicine and medical supplies to local hospitals disrupted their works and jeopardized lives of tens of Palestinian citizens wounded in IOF attacks on the strip over the past 24 hours.

The economic blockade on Gaza Strip was imposed by the USA, Israel, and their international and regional allies for almost two years now after Hamas Movement won democratic and transparent elections in the PA.

On Monday, IOF troops invaded the eastern part of Gaza city, killing and wounding tens of Palestinian citizens, many of them fighters, before Palestinian resistance fighters forced them to pull out.

“Hospital workers weren’t able to find shrouds for martyrs of the IOF massacre in the Zaitun suburb”, said Na”im, warning of adverse repercussions if the Israeli occupation government cut off electricity supply to Gaza.

In this regard, Na”im affirmed that the legitimate PA premier Ismael Haneyya had personally discussed health condition in Gaza Strip with a number of Arab leaders, in addition to the ministry”s contacts with concerned international human rights and legal organizations.

A number of international organizations, Na”im added, have heeded calls of the PA health ministry; yet, the Israeli closure of Gaza exits made it difficult for food, medicines, and other commodities to pass through the Israeli checkpoints.