• November 4, 2006

Na’im: IOF savagery surpassed all morals, laws and doctrines

Dr. Basem Na’im, the PA health minister, on Saturday described the IOF troops’ atrocities in the Gaza Strip as “savage” that surpassed all morals, laws and international doctrines protecting civilians at times of war.

Na’im, in a press release, said that the IOF troops were deliberately leaving wounded Palestinians to bleed to death and were blocking ambulance vehicles and medical teams from reaching the injured to save their lives, which increased the number of martyrs and worsened the health condition of the injured.

The minister questioned whether the IOF soldiers’ siege of the Beit Hanun hospital, preventing medics from helping the wounded and assaulting ambulance cars fell in line with Israel’s claim of self defense.

He warned that the Israeli government’s policy of murder and destruction would not bring it peace and security and would only increase tensions and trigger more violence.

The minister addressed an urgent appeal to the Red Cross, WHO and international humanitarian organizations to immediately move to provide necessary needs for the Beit Hanun hospital and to seek protection for medical teams.

He also asked the UNICEF and UN population fund to expose the IOF practices against the Beit Hanun children and women in violation of international laws protecting civilians.