Names of MB Municipal Candidates in Damietta Deleted

Names of MB Municipal Candidates in Damietta Deleted

The committee in charge of municipal elections in Damietta governorate has erased all the names of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) candidates registered in the final municipal election documents today morning.

Despite the huge security harassment and intervention, 73 Muslim Brotherhood affiliates have previously succeeded to register their names as candidates in the elections primary documents. While more than 400 MB candidates have succeeded in getting court verdicts registering them in the upcoming municipal elections help on April 8th. However, the MB candidates’ lawyer in Damietta governorate, Sayed Al-Anani, declared today that the 73 candidates who succeeded to register themselves days ago were surprised to find their names removed today from all municipal election lists.

Accordingly, the results previously expected for the upcoming municipal elections in Damietta governorate is that more than 95% of the municipal posts in the upcoming elections would be filled by members of the National Democratic Party (NDP), as only 24 candidates of Al-Tagammo’, Al-Wafd parties, and independents have succeeded in registering their names as candidates in Fayoum governorate.

Ahmed Al-Beily, chief of MB administrative bureau in Damietta, started his speech with Ikhwanweb correspondent saying that one of the best commentaries on the Egyptian municipal elections was written by Mohamed Al-Sayed Saeed, editor-in-chief of Al-Badeel newspapers, when he suggested that government should have better abolished the whole electoral process rather than continuing that farce taking place during these days.

Al-Beily added that such farce aims at controlling all elections away from people’s free choice, and even away from all oppressions Egyptians face everyday.

Al-Beily believed that all governmental actions during the electoral phase, including security harassments, ignoring legal verdicts, or even denying court verdicts, proves the government’s indifference and ignorance of the Egyptian’s free will.