Nasr: Hamas adheres to national reconciliation with clear political vision

Nasr: Hamas adheres to national reconciliation with clear political vision

DOHA —  Mohammed Nasr, member of Hamas’s political bureau, has stressed Thursday that his Movement was and still is keen to end the Palestinian political rift and to achieve national reconciliation based on clear political vision and free of foreign dictates.

He also explained that Egypt’s insistence to sign the “modified” reconciliation paper that it prepared without taking into consideration the reservations put forward by Hamas and other Palestinian factions on it had caused the stand-off on this issue, adding that the modified paper was designed on what the Quartet Committee and the Oslo team want.

In a statement he made to Al-Jazeera net on Thursday, Nasr pointed out that Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas looks at the national reconciliation as a ground to achieve a settlement in stages, while Hamas views the reconciliation as national demand that must be arranged among the Palestinians themselves and not be influenced by foreign conditions and dictates.

Nasr also explained the Zionist entity exploited the Palestinian political rift by turning the West Bank into a security zone to protect its “borders”, and by continuing to besiege and starve the 1.5 million Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip, underlining that the Palestinian political division must end.

The Hamas senior official, further, highlighted that at least 300,000 Palestinian citizens in the Gaza Strip live in the open after the Israeli occupation army destroyed their homes during the war on Gaza where at least 7000 Palestinians, mostly civilians, were killed and wounded.

Human rights institutions and international organizations accused the IOA of aggravating the suffering of those homeless Palestinian civilians by banning the entry of construction materials into the Strip.