Nasr denies Syrian patronage of Abbas-Mishaal summit

Nasr denies Syrian patronage of Abbas-Mishaal summit

Mohammed Nasr, the political bureau member of Hamas, has denied that Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad was proposing a summit meeting between Hamas leader Khaled Mishaal and Fatah leader and ex-PA chief Mahmoud Abbas in Damascus.

Nasr said in a press statement on Sunday that Assad was concerned with ending inter-Palestinian differences but did not propose such a summit.

He explained that Assad during the recent meeting with Mishaal, who was heading a Hamas delegation, said that Damascus was interested in concluding the Palestinian reconciliation but said nothing about a Mishaal-Abbas summit.

The Hamas leader denied that Syria had tabled itself as an alternative to any other party in the issue of Palestinian reconciliation but it was always keen on success of efforts to end the Palestinian discord.

Nasr, however, said that Hamas had no veto on a Mishaal-Abbas summit if it would serve national interests, adding that reconciliation for Hamas is a strategic goal to confront Israeli occupation.

There is no problem about the meeting’s venue but rather the agenda of that meeting, he said, adding that Arabs are called upon to double their efforts to end the Palestinian division.