• June 13, 2014
  • 4 minutes read

National Alliance Calls ‘Freedom for Egypt’ Week of Continued Peaceful Anti-Coup Resistance

National Alliance Calls ‘Freedom for Egypt’ Week of Continued Peaceful Anti-Coup Resistance

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance issued the following statement regarding the putschists’ most shameful crimes against innocent women and girls held in coup prisons:

It is time for Egypt to reclaim its freedom and dignity. It is time for democracy to dawn once again in this homeland. Revolutionary Egypt will not succumb to the biggest coward, who is totally disconnected from the people, who failed to subjugate Egyptians over the course of 11 months of repression and persecution, despite the blind solidarity of supporters of the coup and corruption, at home and abroad. He will move from failure to yet more failure, to the end of his days, because the time of tyrants is over.  He will be haunted by the blood of martyrs.

Revolutionary Egypt will not tolerate the genocide sentences or the vengeful decisions against the January 25 Revolution issued wholesale against young people and students, scholars and judges who agreed to draw a decent future for this homeland and its people, in the face of criminal plots to impoverish the nation and loot its wealth, sell its land and exhaust its army in illegitimate coup adventures.

Revolutionary Egypt will not tolerate the horrific abuses committed in prisons against innocent women and girls. It will strive to secure their freedom. Egypt’s honor is at stake. This will lead to an unstoppable eruption of popular wrath. The way Al-Sisi dealt with the crime of his cronies and henchmen in Tahrir Square rape incident – which tainted the image of this liberty square, symbol of the Revolution – is another failure to be added to the horrors of what seems to be planned by the putschists, of deliberate and systematic abuse crimes against women in prisons and outside.

Egypt’s peaceful Revolution is carefully studying the reality on the ground and the strengths and weaknesses of the coup at this stage as it prepares to finally defeat it, at the right time, and to stop its crimes of violence, terror and extermination of the other. This cannot be hastened, nor can it be delayed by repression or intensified attacks on the Arab people who support the Revolution and freedom across the region.

The patriotic people of Egypt believe in one destiny and are determined to close ranks and unite in their confrontation of coup terror. They are setting off alarm bells for all the Arab people in the whole region so they would continue to get more ready, more organized, and amass to vigorously crush falsehood on July 3, 2014, in a huge popular revolt with a stunning surprise for all.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance urges a gradual escalation of non-violent revolutionary action during the coming months, and calls for a continued boycott of coup cronies and collaborators, with continued worship, fasting, night prayers and dawn prayers.

We will welcome the holy month of Ramadan with an activity program under the banner "Populate mosques, fill the streets and boycott the falsehood". The Alliance also calls for the launch of pro-Revolution sporting events in parallel with the World Cup, so our popular revolt can gain new societal sectors for the benefit of the revolutionary march.

Furthermore, the National Alliance launches a new week of revolutionary action starting Friday (June 13), titled "Freedom for Egypt", where we will raise the flags of Egypt, the Rabaa defiance symbol of steadfastness, photos of women and girls unjustly held in coup prisons and photos of Egypt’s legitimate President Mohamed Morsi.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: June 12, 2014