• May 13, 2016
  • 6 minutes read

National Alliance Calls ‘Sisi is Burning Egypt’ Popular Protest Week

National Alliance Calls ‘Sisi is Burning Egypt’ Popular Protest Week
General Sisi found himself trapped, surrounded by failure in all directions, with popular anger mounting, the economy collapsing, the Pound tumbling, projects coming to a halt, factories shutting down, Suez-Canal revenue declining, remittances from Egyptians drying up, and the uprising for the islands he sold (Tiran and Sanafir) not subsiding. Facing all that, Sisi felt obliged to burn the homeland ship with everyone and everything in it. So, his men ignited fires everywhere across Egypt, indifferent to the groans of his victims or their cries of distress.

Torching Egypt, Sisi wants to hit more than one bird with one stone. He draws attention away from his many failings and flaws, and makes up a new issue to take the heat off his sale of two Egyptian islands and the Journalists’ Syndicate crisis. Sisi wants, at the same time, to clear those areas where he torched shops and kiosks – calling them slum areas, troublesome for him and his regime, in order to sell the space to businessmen and thieves.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance is watching with deep sadness and concern the fires that devour the livelihoods of ordinary hard-working Egyptians in several places across the country. The Alliance calls for a new week of revolutionary protests – within the "Leave" wave of mass demonstrations, titled "Sisi is Burning Egypt".

Our Revolution will continue until it uproots this brutal military regime and restores security and stability to our people and our nation. Then, we can have a comprehensive development of all slums, in full coordination with residents, and in a way that does not cause them any harm. Sisi’s arsons will not make us forget Egypt’s right to sovereignty over the islands, or popular refusal to sell poor Egyptians’ livelihoods to homegrown or foreign thieves.

Our position is clear about the nation’s causes and the people’s rights. No compromise on Egyptian Tiran and Sanafir islands. No compromise on the rights of the martyrs of Rabaa and Nahda squares and all the other massacres committed since.

The illegitimate coup government is responsible for the attack against police in Helwan, for continued displacement of Sinai residents, the destruction of the Sinai, and the bloodshed, with evident failure in the armed confrontation. The real culprits behind all terror, crimes and failings are Sisi and his traitorous government – who have failed economically, socially and politically.

The Alliance calls on the free world to continue to expose the criminal scheme against political prisoners – from all orientations – in junta jails. The Alliance also calls for an international human rights inquiry into the Rabaa and Nahda sit-in dispersal massacres.

Bans on visits to detainees and rampant medical neglect in prisons are serious crimes that must not be overlooked or trivialized, especially with the scorching summer heat. Failing to open an independent and impartial investigation into the rights of all martyrs is another crime that will not be forgotten until fair and prompt retribution is exacted.

We reaffirm full confidence in the resilience of President Mohamed Morsi, and that verdicts or sentences issued against him are null and void. Dr Mohamed Morsi is the legitimate President, notwithstanding the coup commanders and their heinous maneuvers. We further reaffirm our rejection of the death sentences issued and consider them an extension of the ruling military junta’s revenge against those who reject their injustice and failure in everything.

Victory for the Revolution

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance