• October 29, 2013
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National Alliance in Port Said Condemns Tragic Death of Egyptian Family in Suez Canal

National Alliance in Port Said Condemns Tragic Death of Egyptian Family in Suez Canal

Two weeks ago, some youths threw Rabaa Al-Adaweya (4-finger) defiance signs in the Suez Canal. Immediately, waterway protection apparatuses, rescue boats and all the Suez Canal officials sprang to action. Within minutes, they recovered the offensive papers from the water.

However, no rescue boats were mobilized and no officials were at hand to help save the lives of a father and his sons when their car slipped off a ferry headed to Port Fouad and fell into the Suez Canal.Tragically, father and sons drowned, trapped in their own car.

It is unfortunate that coup authorities have neglected both the homeland and the people in such disastrous ways that cost so many lives every day. This does not come as a complete surprise though, since the putschist regime is totally preoccupied chasing opponents, dissidents, school-children and all those they call "terrorists".

The treasonous putschists have vindictively killed, imprisoned and chased all those whose main concern was helping the needy and the spreading of affection, solidarity and compassion among the people.

This family was Killed by criminal negligence that spread like rampant cancer in the body of state apparatuses. After thousands sacrificed their lives on January 25, 2011 to eradicate this cancerous tumor, a handful of criminals are doing their worst to bring it back. The putschists are trying hard to replicate the corrupt old regime. Only days ago, we saw some of Mubarak’s senior officials next to the city’s governor, who was desperately trying to put them at the forefront of the political landscape.

We repeatedly called for the dismissal of these corrupt officials, and will continue to do so, but some of our fellow Egyptians have not yet woken up to realize the magnitude of the catastrophe in which we are now.

While thousands demonstrated, weeks ago, demanding the dismissal of the elected President, when they thought he did not handle the street cleanliness issue effectively, they are not protesting the negligence that killed this family now.

Let’s hope the rest of our fellow Egyptians wake up before any more tragedies befall their families.

The Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance in Port Said

Sunday, October 27, 2013