• June 29, 2013
  • 5 minutes read

National Alliance in Support of Electoral Legitimacy Speech to Egypt People on Eve of June 30

National Alliance in Support of Electoral Legitimacy Speech to Egypt People on Eve of June 30

Despite statements from June 30 demonstration organizers that assure it will be a peaceful protest, real events already point to the contrary, with continuous and repeated violent attacks, at least eight martyrs killed by thugs hired by the ousted National Democratic Party (NDP), and their allies the National Salvation Front (NSF) and Rebel movement, in the governorates of Egypt, and almost 1000 injured supporters of the National Alliance in Support of Electoral Legitimacy (NASEL).

Moreover, an American journalist was assassinated as he documented their attacks on the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in Alexandria. Even more fell dead and injured in Port Said when a street vendor’s gas cylinder exploded.

We extend our sincere condolences to the families of the martyrs and ask God a speedy recovery for the injured.

The past week witnessed a serious escalation by NDP thugs and their NSF and Rebel allies, as they used live bullets and birdshot as well as Molotov fire-bombs and bladed weapons in increasingly ferocious and desperate attacks.

These thugs had no respect for the sanctity of homes and private property as they attacked NASEL leaders’ houses and shops in provinces across Egypt, with their crimes violating houses of God, laying siege to mosques and attacking worshipers and preachers.

In light of this dangerous development which confirms reports of a heinous plot to spread chaos throughout the country in order to restore the corrupt old regime, NASEL undertakes to chase all those who instigated or participated in violence and the coup against electoral legitimacy.

We will chase them with all legal means available, to ensure the protection of the homeland against chaos and to safeguard the Egyptian people’s right to democracy and peaceful transfer of power through the ballot-box.

NASEL remains committed to its honorable objectives and vision, and announces it continues to coordinate efforts to defend the dignity of the homeland and popular will, and to manage peaceful million-man marches and sit-ins in Egypt’s liberty squares, in order to emphasize the renunciation of violence, resistance to thuggery and violence, and the will to defend Egypt and its people’s choices, and to complete the Egyptian people’s blessed Revolution, through all legal avenues, with total commitment to human rights principles, covenants and conventions that guarantee the right of self-defense.

NASEL further extends a final invitation to all political parties, groups and movements as well as opposition forces including the NSF and Rebel to assume their political and historical responsibility and accept the calls for national dialogue to halt the shedding of Egyptian blood, as corrupt NDP thugs plan to do.

History, Egypt and its people will never forgive you, if you insist on deceiving Egypt’s youth, dragging them into a coalition with murderers and corrupt figures under false slogans.

NASEL also calls on all patriotic parties to engage in the political process, which currently means preparing for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

NASEL urges state institutions and security apparatus to enforce the law firmly against all thugs and all those who call to violence. Egyptian citizen security is too precious to risk in the hands of corrupt figures or politicians with narrow partisan goals.

We protect the Revolution… protect electoral legitimacy

God Bless Egypt