• June 30, 2014
  • 5 minutes read

National Alliance Statement on Forthcoming July 3 Protests

National Alliance Statement on Forthcoming July 3 Protests

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance has released the following statement:

Millions of Egyptians filled mosques where they performed their prayers, frustrating the putschists’ absurd calls for the secularization of Egypt and rejection of the Arab-Muslim identity with the full support of the murderous military junta.

Anti-coup economic boycott campaigns have spread to all parts of the homeland – against the masterminds of the cowardly fake bombings and their accomplices. The Revolution and the persistent, selfless and continuous defiance by millions have now been joined in streets and liberty squares everywhere by even more millions of Egyptians who were once deceived on June 30, and all those who are suffering under the coup regime.

The raging millions of patriotic citizens have seen first-hand all the coup regime’s corrupt and dirty practices. The people have thus spoken: the criminals who violated our innocent girls will not escape punishment. This promises a tremendous day of anger on July 3 that sparks the beginning of the traitorous military coup’s final defeat. This will certainly topple the coup’s deceptive failed fascist by paving the way for the final days of popular wrath, for the raging millions of Egyptians have the final say. We are ready for all scenarios.

Let us turn our wealth of revolutionary defiance into an overwhelming power to surprise. Let us coordinate non-violent action carefully on the ground and respond positively to all revolutionary initiatives and creative ideas. We will march onto each and every site or neighborhood that should hear the word of truth and the demands of the January 25 Revolution.

Let us use our experience of resilient and effective peaceful resistance to protest the decision to remove subsidies and condemn the fast rising prices. Let this be a powerful starting point towards breaking the coup, towards salvation, with special activities, slogans and preparations.

Let us launch our July 3 uprising everywhere in Egypt. This homeland belongs to the people. We will not hesitate to join mass marches outside the houses of repression judges and coup criminals, torture centers and dens of corruption of Al-Zind, Mohamed Ibrahim and Sidqi Subhi.

Let us start in the afternoon, from Cairo, capital of the Revolution, from 35 mosques, the same ones from which we started the 2011 Revolution on the 28th of January. We should then head toward all liberty squares around Egypt. The decision regarding specific actions, on the ground, will be up to the march leaders. However, female protesters should join the second wave of the marches. At the same time as we start moving in Cairo, all those who fail to enter the capital of the Revolution, should also move towards liberty squares in all provinces where they gather for the marches.

To all patriotic revolutionary men and women of Egypt…

The Revolution is a matter of faith. Ramadan is the month of Revolution and victory. So, with Godly support, with the lessons you’ve learnt and the experience you’ve gained, declare your wrath for God strongly. The first martyr to be killed by the coup will be the mighty spark that will blow the volcano of unstoppable fury, with continued commitment to our peaceful approach – our strongest shield. Needless to say, self-defense is a legitimate right. Thugs will have to be reined in on that day. Patriotic Egyptian army and police men must harm no fellow Egyptians in these blessed days of Ramadan. They should beware of God, to whom they shall no doubt return.

July 3 shall witness the spark and the start of the first leg of the great event which this homeland desperately needs. Our rendezvous is the fifth of Ramadan (July 3).

Freedom for Egypt, glory for the martyrs, pride for the patriotic people of Egypt.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: June 30, 2014