• July 8, 2016
  • 5 minutes read

National Anti-Coup Coalition Calls ‘Never Let Egypt Down’ Protest Week

National Anti-Coup Coalition Calls ‘Never Let Egypt Down’ Protest Week

Foreign reserves are falling fast. The economy is collapsing. Egypt, with its great riches and resources, is facing many crushing internal crises, and is waiting yet again for new Gulf handouts to slow the decline.

Meanwhile, the traitorous Sisi’s hollow promises have evaporated. His talk about "a strong Egypt" has turned to "Egypt is now a quasi-state". His ever treacherous, discriminatory speeches aimed at distracting Egyptians now have support in the form of emotional speeches by a failed chorus of mindless henchmen who do not and will not fool most Egyptians.

This great Egypt does not deserve to suffer a continuation of this collapse. It does not deserve all this injustice and oppression. Egypt is greater than the criminal traitorous Sisi and the junta who are defending the sale of the Egyptian islands (Tiran and Sanafir) and continue to humiliate and trample the dignity of Egypt at home and abroad, constantly begging Gulf money, failing Renaissance Dam negotiations, and the unprecedented repression against all patriotic Egyptians.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance affirms that, after three years of military coup, this great Egypt is going steadily from bad to worse. The Alliance will tirelessly continue to repeat its call for revolutionary unity, for all sincere efforts of all patriots loyal to this homeland to get together and work together.

Once again, the Alliance calls on all Egyptians to join the peaceful resistance and protest movement that has never stopped for three years, in a new week of anti-coup demonstrations entitled "Never let Egypt down" within the revolutionary wave "Leave". There simply is no alternative for the full ouster of Al-Sisi and his cronies.

With the mad rising prices, rapidly falling living standards, and the expansion of junta repression, the silence and fear of the proud people of Egypt may not continue for much longer. Those who allow political rivalry and their private or partisan interests to prevent them from openly admitting the failure of Sisi and his coup in achieving any real development or any real democratic change or justice, are complicit in the crime of ruining Egypt’s present and future. There is no way things will continue like this for much longer. Everyone must review their own stances and orientations.

Many supporters of the January 2011 Revolution, evident popular will and fair popular demands have suffered various forms of humiliation, vilification, ostracization, oppression and injustice. However, that will not stop them. It will not deter any patriot from defending popular will, freedoms, dignity and justice or defending the return of great Egypt and its patriotic people who do not accept injustice and reject the corrupt oppressors whatsoever they are.

The time will soon come, God willing, when popular wrath will is launched with no partisan agendas, to defend the rights and freedoms as well as the development and progress of Egypt, which must embrace and cherish all Egyptians.

Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

The revolutionary wave – Leave

Friday – July 8, 2016