National Coalition For Media Freedom An initiative of Human Rights Defenders, Journalists, Media Professionals And Bloggers

National Coalition For Media Freedom An initiative of Human Rights Defenders, Journalists, Media Professionals And Bloggers

A group of human rights organizations , activists, journalists, media professionals and bloggers made executive steps to create an institutional framework that reflects the aspirations of January 25th revolution, The National Coalition for Media Freedom.

The group agreed on the objectives of the Coalition :to change the legislative , regulatory and cultural frameworks limiting media freedoms in Egypt, to guarantee rights of society, public opinion, readers and viewers to information and free expression through printed ,audio-visual and electronic media and consolidate the commitment to the values and ethics ??of professional practice.

The group has already begun to invite human rights organizations, professional and trade union activists working in media to join the coalition, and participate in the founding meeting to be held late this month to announce the coalition and the start of activities.

The initiators started forming specialized work groups assigned to specific projects and programs in cooperation with international civil society organizations concerned with freedom of information as well as some volunteers.

These projects contribute in achieving the immediate and core objectives of the media freedom in Egypt and to ensure media democracy. Groups will work on drafting constitution articles guaranteeing the freedom of Information as well as initiatives, projects and laws for free flow of information , the press law and other legislations governing media and trade unions. In addition, there will be studies on media professionalism and democracy and the experiences of transition to independent media in several countries.

It is planned that the coalition will participate in the event of May 3rd, the International Day for press freedom at the journalists syndicate in collaboration with a number of syndicate committees and UNESCO. A distinguished selection of public, media and civil society figures will be attending the celebration. On May 3rd , the coalition will release the Declaration on Media Freedom which includes the vision of the coalition on various issues related to liberating and development of the Egyptian media.

Coalition participants list (possibly will include more)

Human rights organizations

1 – The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information

2 – Hisham Mubarak Law Center

3 – Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression

4 – Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies

5 – Andalus Institute for Tolerance and Anti-Violence

6 – United Group

Activists , media staff, journalists and bloggers

1 – Ibrahim Mansour

2 – Bilal Fadl

3 – Hussein Abd el Ghani

4 – Khaled Sergani

5 – Rajai Merghani

6 – Taher Abul Nasr

7 – Karem Yehia

8 – Mohammed Imran

9 – Nora Younis

10 – Yasser alZayat