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  • October 9, 2005
  • 6 minutes read

National Front Includes the Moslem Brotherhood and the Opposition:

National Front Includes the Moslem Brotherhood and the Opposition:

 National Front Includes the Moslem Brotherhood and the Opposition:

Ikhwan online  

The formation of the National Front for the Change that contains the union of the opposing parties and the political powers; which consists of the movements of Moslem Brotherhood, Keefaia, and el-Karama, is announced.


These powers resolve to contest for the upcoming parliamentary election via one national list, reached after the coordination between this list and that of Moslem Brotherhood.


Noaman Gumaa, the Head of el-Wafd party, which hosed the meeting, affirmed that the Moslem Brotherhood expressed its contentment to join the National Front, adding that they have a reservation about the election list.


He said that the aim behind this Front is to achieve a reform and a change that would create a sound democratic atmosphere and to agree upon a parliamentary-election list that would compete the National Democratic Party.


Gumaa added that the deputy of Moslem Brotherhood, Muhammad Mursy, has stressed that the stance of his movement regards the Front is clear but they have reservation pertaining to the election since the movement has prepared its election list. However, they do not mind to coordinate in other issues.


Aziz Sedqy is selected as the general coordinator, while Noaman Gumaa is appointed as the spokesman of the front. It is decided to form a political committee, consists of Yahia el-Gamal, Muhammad Mursy, Hussein Abdel Razaq, Gorge Esehaq, and Muhammad el-Said Edreas, to draw the charter of the Front.


The participants in the meeting assured that there are some problems loom in the horizon, yet, it is essential to form a National Front to defy the control of the NDP.


On his part, Muhammad Mursy, Brotherhood’s deputy in the front, said that the Brotherhood voiced its willingness to the unification of the powers. In connection with the election, he added that the movement has its own candidates and ideas that can not abandon. On the other hand, it welcomes the coordination with any side relative to any other matters.

Meanwhile, Hussein Abdel Razeq explained that the participation of the Moslem Brotherhood in the front does not create any disagreements inside el-Tagama party because of the benefits that may bring.