National parties,activists and political powers unite against corruption.

National parties,activists and political powers unite against corruption.

Politicians, intellectual and academics concurred that the solidarity of the Egyptian people was imperative if corruption was to be stopped. The uniting of the people in combating the immoral measures in which the citizens are falling victim to by the regime are Egypt’s only hope to successfully transcend into a new era . An era of flourishing success and progress. 

These avowals of unity took place during an Iftar banquet hosted by the Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood Mr Mohamed Mahdy Akef. Many distinguished and honourable guests attended the meal including: 

Dr Mohamed Amer

Fahmy Howeidy

Mahmoud Alkedeiry

Dr Yehya Algamal

Dr Atef Albana

Dr Gaber Kameha

Dr Hassan Hanafy

Dr Hamdy Alsayed

Dr Abdallah Alashaal

Dr Hassan Nafeah

Dr Ossama Alghazaly

Dr Abdul Galil Mustapha

Saeed Alnagar

Hamdein Sabahy

Eng. Mohamed Esmat Seif

Alaa Abdul Monem

Farouk Aleshry

George Isaac

Mahfouz Azam

Dr Magdy Karkar

Dr Rafik Habib

Saad Aboud

Dr Abdul Halim Kandeel

Dr Gamal Zahran


Many notable leaders from the Muslim Brotherhood were also present, they include: 

Dr Mohamed Sayed Habib

Dr Mahmoud Ezzat

Dr Mohamed Morsi

Dr Essam Eleryan

Ahmed Seif Alislam Hassan Albana

Dr Salah Abdul Metaal

D Mohamed Saad Alkatatny

D Mahmoud Ghazlan

Dr Mohamed Badee

Dr Mohyee Hamed

Eng. Saad Elhosseiny

Dr Mohamed Abdul All

Dr Mohamed Albeltagy

Sobhy Saleh

Dr Hamdy Hassan

Dr Fareed Ismail

Azab Mustapha

Dr Ahmed Diab

Eng Essam Shalaby