National Security Agency Vows to Protect Citizens

National Security Agency Vows to Protect Citizens

Assuring citizens during a conference organized by the newly-established National Security Agency, its chairman, Hamed Abd Allah, vowed that it would protect and support Egypt’s citizens. He added that the police from now on will aim to serve the people. He maintained that under no circumstances would it implement the former regime’s state security’s methods of spying on citizens.

Human rights organizations, lawyers, media personnel, police and military officials, and representatives of the revolutionary youth coalitions, attended the conference which was held on Wednesday.

According to interior minister, Mansour Essawy, the agency will not behave like the former service, which was working solely for the president and against the people.

The people of Egypt have been suffering for decades the injustices of the system where political opposition, mainly from the Muslim Brotherhood, were continually targeted in an effort to intimidate those who advocated freedom of speech and democracy. Nevertheless, even though the Brotherhood was hammered by state security over the years, it remained a formidable force in Egyptian life and is well-known for its commitment to promoting its policies through nonviolent and democratic means.

Although the former Egyptian government used to accuse the Brotherhood of being the greatest threat to its survival, it has failed to prove any act of violence by the movement’s leadership for more than 50 years.