• MB News
  • August 7, 2010
  • 3 minutes read

Nationwide bid to raise awareness for 7 demands for change

Nationwide bid to raise awareness for 7 demands for change

The political opposition’s petition which has received worldwide attention has taken its call for political reform and constitutional change one step further. The petition which was initially launched on the National Association for Change and the Muslim Brotherhood’s websites garnering a total of over 410, 000 signatures has taken to the streets in a nationwide bid to publicize the oppositions 7 demands for reform.


Over 200 volunteers have participated, collecting signatures and raising awareness. The campaign is aiming at collecting at least 1 million signatures to pressure the regime into relaxing regulations and restrictions for candidates allowing the elections to be free, fair and transparent among other demands.

The petition has not been met lightly however by authorities who picked up 6 members of the Muslim Brotherhood movement who were involved in posting banners and posters and collecting signatures demonstrating an obvious tilting of the scales in favour of the ruling National Democratic Party. The group still remains detained indefinitely illustrating abuse of the emergency law which was renewed under the pretext of combating terrorism and drug trafficking.

Although the petition was met with ridicule by the NDP numerous posts and group have been set up following suit of the MB and NAC in rounding up supporters in favour of President Mubarak’s son Gamal to be the president’s successor despite denial from both.