NATO Airstrikes Questioned

NATO Airstrikes Questioned

NATO is planning to intensify attacks on the headquarters, palaces and communication centres that Colonel Qaddafi utilizes to hold onto power.

The US stated that they do not intend to kill Qaddafi but to shake his authority. It is hoped that if Qaddafi’s ability to command his troops is cut off, he will be dislodged from power.

NATO forces want Qaddafi to see the war at his doorstep as this would change his strategy, but they do not want to make him a martyr in the Arab world.

The US is allowing warplanes from other nations to carry out attacks on Qaddafi’s residential complex that includes administrative offices and a military communications center.

NATO officials said the intention behind the strikes was to reduce the Libyan government’s ability to harm civilians by eliminating communications and supply chains required for military operations .

The rebels and the government have been strengthening their positions along front lines, raising concerns that a prolonged stalemate could ensue.

As attacks continue and civilians are counted among the casualties, foreign governments grow skeptical about the foreign intervention. The Kremlin stated its doubts concerning the attacks.

Vladimir Putin delivered a passionate critique of Western intervention in Libya , likening it to a ‘medieval call for a crusade’.

Putin added that the NATO campaign violated the principle of sovereignty and the wishes of the Libyan people.

Senior officers who served in NATO’s previous air war, fought in 1999 to protect the population of Kosovo from Serbian forces, said the campaign over Libya drew on lessons learned then. 

They added that their instructions during that campaign would never halt ethnic cleansing.Likewise, doubts remain that the NATO campaign in Libya will actually succeed in bringing about democracy and ousting Qaddafi.