Natori Karta calls for dismantling Israel and establishing a Palestinian state

Natori Karta calls for dismantling Israel and establishing a Palestinian state

Members of the anti-Zionism Jewish Natori Karta movement organized Sunday a protest outside the UN building in New York on the 42nd anniversary of occupying east Jerusalem to demand the dismantling of Israel and the establishment of a Palestinian state that Jews should submit to its rule.


Spokesman for Natori Karta Yisrael Weiss, a noted Jewish rabbi, highlighted that the Zionist regime is against the Jewish teachings, defies the will of God and fuels the anti-Semitic clashes through its crimes against the peaceful Muslims and Christians.


In another context, the Hamas Movement organized in Maan area in Khan Younis a political symposium entitled “The two-state solution and the future of the Palestinian cause” in the presence of Malad Al-Agha, a specialist in the Palestinian affairs.


Agha spoke about the nature of the conflict in the land of Palestine and its emergence on religious bases, stressing that the “Zionist entity” was found to be like an invasive cancer weakening the Muslim Nation which had ruled the world for many centuries and showed a great ability to manage the peoples’ affairs.


The specialist also touched on the “peaceful settlement” issue, pointing out that this phrase devised by the major powers of the world is malicious and deceptive aimed to equate the usurper with the real owner of the Palestinian land and ensure the existence of the “Zionist entity” in the Arab world.


He opined that the new US administration would not be different from its predecessors and would create the climate for the establishment of a Palestinian state on less than 16 percent of the land of Palestine in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, thus providing a free service for the Israeli occupation to enjoy an Arab land through the joke of the two-state solution.