Nazzal: Hamas possess strong evidence to indict Dahalan over Gaza events

Nazzal: Hamas possess strong evidence to indict Dahalan over Gaza events

Senior Hamas political leader Mohammed Nazzal has affirmed on Thursday Hamas Movement posses “amazing” evidence on the role of Mohammed Dahalan in carrying out an Israeli-US scheme to oust Hamas from power after it won the elections.

According to Nazzal, who is also a member of Hamas”s political bureau, the news revealed by an American news paper a couple of days ago which unveiled a secret plan concocted by the US administration purposely to ignite a Palestinian civil war were supporting Hamas”s claims that the Movement was defending itself and its cadres when it decided to put an end to Dahalan”s mutiny trend in Gaza last June.

In press statements he made, Nazzal asserted “They (Dahalan and his mercenaries) were working for Israel and US interests [against the interests of their own people.

Right after it took control of the tiny Gaza Strip, Hamas Movement formed a group of committees with the aim to check important security documents seized from the headquarters of the defunct PA security apparatuses in Gaza Strip last year.

But Nazzal pointed out that the committees were about to conclude their mission and that the “important information” will be revealed within few days.

“The outcry displayed by Fatah faction and the mutiny trend within it with the aim to deceive the Palestinian public and to display Hamas as the aggressor does not reflect the truth”, Nazzal explained,

Although detractors of Hamas raised doubts over the paper”s report, Nazzal said any one who knows U.S. politics shouldn’t be surprised by such a report, especially that it surfaced out while US presidential election campaigns were flaring up.

“The report was about Dahalan”s role in the US-Israeli scheme to overthrow Hamas released while political rivalry between the presidential candidates of the Republicans and the Democrats is heating up in the same way the reports about the infamous Abu Ghuraib prison in Iraq and about the notorious Guantanamu concentration camp were revealed due to the struggle between the two parties”, Nazzal highlighted.

“We believe in the report not just because it was published by an American newspaper but rather we believe in it because it confirms the information we have had gathered over the past months about Dahalan”s role in the Gaza riots”.

Nazzal also lashed back at US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice who blamed Hamas Movement for the Gaza tragic conditions, affirming that the statements she uttered about the Palestinian resistance were reflecting the dilemma of the US administration which is sinking in Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine.

Another Palestinian political leader Rabah Muhanna of the PFLP seconded Nazzal”s accusation to Dahalan, saying that Dahalan played a very important role in breaking the infrastructure of the Palestinian resistance since the establishment of the PA.

“The enemy couldn’t achieve any its goals without the assistance of local agents in carrying out the mission”, Nazzal pointed out in allusion to Dahalan”s role in the coup against Hamas.