Nazzal: Libya mediating between Hamas and Fatah

Nazzal: Libya mediating between Hamas and Fatah


ALGIERS, — Mohammed Nazzal, one of Hamas’s political leaders, has disclosed that the Libyan leadership had started mediating between his Movement and Fatah faction to forge a Palestinian national reconciliation prior to the Arab summit it is hosting in March.

Nazzal told a press conference in the Algerian capital on Monday that Hamas’s position regarding the Egyptian reconciliation document did not and would not change.

He said that Hamas would not bow to conditions set by the international Quartet committee, which were enclosed in the Egyptian document, and would not sign the document before amending a number of basic items including the item calling for  recognizing Israel.

Nazzal said that an Arab-regional-international veto was banning Palestinian reconciliation.

The Hamas leader alleged that  Ramallah’s authority and other Arab parties were implementing a Zionist agenda to exclude Hamas from the Palestinian political arena.