Nazzal: Radical movement inside Fatah seeks to topple gov’t

He said that the elections will not be fair

Nazzal: there is an international plan to topple the government

Mohammed Nazzal, a member of the Politburo of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas, said that the latest developments which the Palestinian territories are witnessing are part of an international, Arab and Palestinian scheme aiming at toppling the government and setting the scene for holding early elections.
In an interview with journalists during his visit to Doha that will continue several days, Nazzal attacked fiercely what he called a radical movement in Fatah Movement that- he said- co-operates with an international, regional trend to topple the government.
The member of Hamas politburo said the National Security Adviser, Elliott Abrams – an American of a Jewish origin- is the current US administration’s theorist of toppling the government, pointing out that his views are consistent with those of Amos Gilad, an advisor in the Israeli Ministry of Defense. He added that this trend is approved by a movement inside the Palestinian Authority led by Mohammad Dahlan, the member of the Legislative Council for Fatah Movement and the ex chief of the Protective Security Body.
Nazzal confirmed that the attitude of this movement doesn’t aim at forcing the government to give more concessions, the most prominent of which is recognizing Israel and the agreements signed with it, but it works for toppling the government that Hamas movement formed.
Attempting to assassinate Haniya
Around the government reports that its chairman, Ismail Haniya, faced an assassination attempt during his return to Gaza from Rafah Border Crossing, Nazzal said that this took place in the context of a campaign of incitement that some Fatah figures launched against the government.
He added that what happened aimed at creating a legal and constitutional vacuum to justify the call launched later by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for holding early presidential and parliamentary elections.
The Hamas official proved that what took place was a planned assassination attempt through referring to previous statements from the leaders of the (radical movement ) of following new methods against with the government that it did not face before and deploying Abbas’ presidential security forces (Force 17 ) at the scene of the accident.
Nazzal said that the Prime Minister faced an 8-hour deliberate delay at the crossing to prepare for the assassination against him, pointing out that Ismail Haniya’s guard was martyred by a bullet that directly penetrated his head after he leaned over the Prime Minister to protect him from the showers of bullets fired towards the government delegation immediately after his getting out of the crossing.
Nazzal said that- within framework of this scheme- the presidential security institution rejected preparing a safe exit operation for Haniya from a back outlet in the crossing.

Around the target of attempting to assassinate the Prime Minister, Nazzal said that Haniya’s success in collecting the moneys necessary for paying employee salaries, the interaction of the countries that he visited with him and their offering direct aids like Qatar and Iran, showed that ” the scheme to topple the government through isolating it politically and financially was heading towards failure”.
Nazzal raised his eyebrows why the Palestinian President didn’t condemn the attempted assassination in his last speech and his unjustified mockery at the government, describing his speech as ” unsuccessful and irresponsible”.
The Hamas politburo member did not exclude that Israel is involved in attempts of causing tensions in the Palestinian arena and its carrying out operations that aim at causing seditions among the Palestinian people, confirming that Hamas movement has no interest in exploding the security situation.
Nazzal denied that Hamas movement have any role in the assassinations that took place and are taking place, confirming that the movement condemns them whatever the sides involved .
Unfair elections
Around Hamas stance towards holding early elections, Nazzal confirmed that the movement rejects holding them because this is considers a coup against the Palestinian legitimacy, confirming that it will not be fair because holding them with fairness will lead to Hamas winning the legislative council and the presidency, an option that the PA, Israel or The United States will not accept.
Nazzal said that the legislative elections that took place early this year are the first and last to be marked with integrity and fairness. He added that The United States is eventually convinced that any fair elections in the region will bring in the Islamists to power, and it doesn’t consequently seek this.
Commenting on the statements of Al-Qaeda’s second in command- Ayman Al-Zawahiri- in which he criticized Hamas participation in the legislative elections, the Hamas politburo member said that Al Zawahri has the right to oppose Hamas method but he isn’t authorized to impose his political view on it, pointing out that Al Zawahri expressed a method which is different from Hamas’ ideology that concentrates on confronting Israel through an integrated program which doesn’t contain only a military program.