• January 1, 2008
  • 3 minutes read

Nazzal: Abbas not concerned with national dialogue

Nazzal: Abbas not concerned with national dialogue

Mohamed Nazzal, a member of Hamas political bureau, charged on Sunday that PA chief Mahmoud Abbas is not concerned with national dialogue or unity and that he intentionally puts obstacles in the way of any initiative to end the inter-Palestinian crisis in response to the Zio-American demands, renewing Hamas”s call for unconditional dialogue to resolve the crisis.

“We along with the resistance factions will not allow Bush to secure his interests at the expense of our national cause and we will not allow Abbas”s entourage to sell our cause and waive our rights; we will cut off the hand that dares to sign any agreement relinquishing the refugees” right to return, Jerusalem or any of the inalienable national rights,” Nazzal highlighted

Nazzal”s speech came during a rally held in Beirut to mark the 20th anniversary of Hamas, where the Hamas leader reviewed the struggle stages that Hamas passed through in addition to its achievements over the past twenty years at the political and resistance levels.

The Hamas political leader also underlined that Abbas and his entourage”s bet on the collapse of Hamas in the Gaza Strip in light of the Israeli siege imposed on it “is a pure illusion,” adding that the siege has, on the contrary, increased the existing popular rallying around Hamas.

He attributed the reason for Hamas”s wide popularity to the remarkable successes at the level of resistance and charitable, reformist and social works in addition to the transparency and credibility the movement enjoys.

Nazzal talked about the repressive and arbitrary practices carried out by the PA security apparatuses against the Palestinian people and resistance fighters in the West Bank within the security coordination with the IOF troops, pointing to the statements made by head of the unconstitutional government in Ramallah Salam Fayyad in which he expressed his deep grief and sorrow for the death of two Israeli soldiers at the hands of Palestinian resistance fighters in Al-Khalil.

In another context, the member of Hamas political bureau also talked about the difficult conditions experienced by the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and called on the Lebanese government to reconsider the laws that are related to the existence of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, underscoring Palestinian refugees” refusal of any attempt to resettle them in Lebanon.

He called for reconstructing the Nahr Al-Bared refugee camp in Lebanon as soon as possible in order for its Palestinian residents to return to their houses and called for forming a united Palestinian authority including all factions without exception to run the affairs of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.