NDP’s MP victim’s father demands justice

NDP’s MP victim’s father demands justice

The father of a young man who died following a shooting incident in the Egyptian governorate of Daqahleya is speaking out and demanding there be justice.


Ibrahim Abul Enein, the victim’s father maintained that his son Mohammad was shot dead after a quarrel broke out with an aspiring parliamentary election’s candidate. The father appealed to the People’s Assembly Speaker Dr. Ahmed Fathi Sorour to lift the immunity from Husseini the NDP’s MP he believed responsible so that he may stand trial.

In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, Abul Enein asserted that he  never imagined his son’s blood would be the price he paid for his loyalty to Al-Husseini during the 2005 parliamentary elections, when he run as an independent. “I supported him because his father had a good reputation and was popular among the townspeople and neighbouring villages”.

According to Abul Enein Al-Husseini deceived the people after winning a seat in the last election, where he immediately joined the ruling regime’s National Democratic Party. He added it remains a black spot in the MP’s record. Abul Enein ascertained that Husseini did not cooperate with the people and provided nothing fruitful to his district serving only his relatives and immediate family.


The victim’s father beseeched the PA speaker “Let justice takes its course I call on you not to believe the false memorandum submitted by MP Al-Husseini in which he allegedly claimed my son’s killing was by the supporters of Hakim El-Sherbini who is hoping to nominate in the upcoming elections.