• November 16, 2005
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NDP, Muslim Brotherhood Face Off in Egypt’s Run-offs,

NDP, Muslim Brotherhood Face Off in Egypt’s Run-offs,

The MB Achieves Sweeping Victory in Egypt’s Run-offs,

Ikhwan online


30 out of 42 candidates of the Moslem Brotherhood win the run-off election of the first phase of the parliamentary election. Thus, the MB obtains 34 seats out of total 164 of this stage, at rate of 20.7%.


In el-Miniya governorate, the MB sweepingly leads where all its nominees, 6, win. In Bany Suaf, 4 MB candidates out of 5 succeed. In el-Monofyia governorate, 9 win, out of 11 nominees. In Cairo, 9 are victorious out of 12 candidates. In Giza, 4 MB nominees out of 12 win. In fact, the Moslem Brotherhood leads the National Democratic Party along with all opposing parties.


The Winner candidates in details:



Ali Fatah el-Bab, in el-Tebeen district

Gamal Hanafy in Miser el-Qadyma district

Magdey Ashour in el-Nozha district

Hazem Farouq in el-Sahel district

Mahmmud Megahd in el-Materia district

Essam Mokhter in Nasser City district



Azab Mustafa in Bander el-Giza district

Ahmed Abduh in Mazkhona district

Gamal Quranyin el-Haumdia district

Mahmmud Amer in Oseem district


3- el-Miniya

Baha’ el-Deen Atyia in Malloy district

Muhammad Abdul Azeem in el-Adoa district

Muhammad el-Katanteny in Bander el-Miniya district

Ibrhem Zanon in Makhakha district

Throuat Abdul Fatah in Matay district

Mousa Ganom in Bany Mazer district


4- Bany Suaf

Abdul Azeem el-Sharquy in Nasser district

Abdul Lateef Qudp in Baba district

Hamdy Zaheer in Bany Suaf district




Abdul Fatah Eid in Monof district

Ragab Abu Zaad in Bander Shpeen el-Koum district

Asherf Bader el-Deen in Ashmon district

Yasser el-Meligy in Astanha district

Essa Abdul Gafar in Quesna district

Yussery Talb and Ali Isma’il in el-Shada’ district

Sabery Amer in Berket el-Sab’ district


6- Assute

Mahmmud Helmy in el-Qusiya district

Abdul Aziz Khalah in e-Fattah district


In addition, four Moslem Brotherhood nominees won in the first phase of the parliamentary election; el-Mohammed Abdul Maqsud, in Helwan district, Adel Hamed in el-Saidia Zeinab district, Muhammad Shaker in el-Wasty district, Saad Hussein in el-Batoon. 




Compulsory Voting in Nasser City

Time sheets of employees are brought in the electoral stations, in Nasser City district. Employees, who obliged to vote for the nominees of the National Democratic Party, should sign their time sheet in order to secure their participation in voting.


After being stopped in polls of el-Saida Nefissa and Refah el-Tahtaoy Schools, collective voting for the favor of the NDP candidates, reappeared in el-Tahreer School, to where five buses of Arab Contractors Co. were moving workers.    


Reelection in Nasser City

In the polls, situated in Qumet el-Harm School, there are three buses which moved voters from el-Daqhliya and el-Sherquiya governorates to cast vote for the nominee of the National Democratic Party in Cairo. It is considered as a contravention for they vote in their incompetent districts.


In the voting station, located in Nasser City School, Petrogas Company’s chairman is attending to make sure that the company employees are electing the NDP candidate.


In a poll, placed in Lobar University, the NDP nominee was seen while giving voters money, in return for their yes votes.


In el-Seka Club polling station, buses moved non-Cairo voters to elect the NDP candidate, bus no.17 of Bany Suaf, no.535 of el-Monofiya and bus no.3408, for example.


Polling Boxes are Unlocked

Monofiya online



In Meet Rabyaa village, in Monof district of el-Monofiya governorate, the polling boxes are unlocked up till now. The Moslem Brotherhood nominee forced the supervisory judge to close them.


Meanwhile, police prevent the representatives of human right organizations from monitoring voting process. In addition, journalists are not allowed to photograph these infringements. 

Districts of El-Monofyia Governorate



Sobhy Emara, The candidate of the National Democratic Party in Berket el-Sab’ district, hired outlaws who use light weapons to prevent the supporters of the Moslem Brotherhood nominee, Sabry Amer, from entering polling stations, in Shantana village.


Meanwhile, in Astanha district, the same situation applies. However, supporters of the Moslem Brotherhood candidate, Dr.Yasser Hamod, tried to enter the polls forcefully but the outlaws damaged their cars and assaulted some voters, who got injured. Wounded voters went to police station to report this incident.


It is worth mentioning that the riot police was attending during the fight but did not attempt to end it. 

Voters are Terrified in Bany Suaf


Meetings with the mayors and the leaders of Bany Suaf governorate, in which there are reelection in four districts, are held. Orders to prevent people from casting votes in the reelection are given. Detention threats to who will select the Moslem Brotherhood candidates are mentioned. Removal from power is the punishment of mayors whose villages will elect the Moslem Brotherhood nominees.


Accordingly, mayors in the four districts warn, using loud speakers, people against giving their votes for the MB nominees.


All these measures are taken because the candidates of the National Democratic Party will stand for run-off polls against the nominees of the Moslem Brotherhood. In addition, the only candidate who won without reelection is the MB nominee in el-Wasty district, Muhammad El-Deeb.

Polls of el-Harm District are Closed

Ikhwan online Nov. 15th, 2005


In el-Harm district, Giza governorate, the police hinder the voters to vote in the polls of the home town of the Moslem Brotherhood nominee, Hamed el-Said.


In addition, the leaders of villages stand before polling stations warning people against electing Hamed el-Said.


In 6th Oct. City, of 12.000 registered voters, companies and factories do not allow employs to vote for 80% of them has elected the Moslem Brotherhood nominee, El-Said. Moreover, employs that will leave their shifts will be fired.


The Charged Judge Watches TV in a Polling Station



In electoral commission no.99 in Malloy distrct, of el-Miniya governorate, the supervisory judge watches TV while the agent of the candidate of the National Democratic Party, Omer el-Kashef, is marking the ballots instead of voters.


In Malloy district, both the Moslem Brotherhood nominee, Atya Baha’ el-Dean, and NDP candidate, el-Kashef, contest for run-off poll. El-Kashef is backed by his relative who is an officer in State Security in el-Miniya.


In Bander el-Miniya district, a nominee who fell in the election along with an officer stand before the polling stations no.157,158,159,160,161, to call voters for not electing the Moslem Brotherhood nominee, Muhammad el-Kata’ny.   


Police Besiege the Count Commissions

 Before the end of the polling day of the reelection of the first phase of the parliamentary election, the riot police along with State Security officers siege count commissions.


In the districts of Cairo, Giza and Assute, the polling boxes are transferred under tight security guard. The representatives of human right organizations are prevented from attending the count process in the districts of Mazkhona and Atfeeh. 


In Kerdasa district, the riot police block the count commission preventing the agents of the Moslem Brotherhood candidates to observe the voting count. In addition, citizens rally before the commission chanting with encouraging words for judges.


Meanwhile, backed by the Moslem Brotherhood, some news agencies disclose their intention to air the voting count process to avert any ballot fraud.


In el-Harm district, the access to count commission is denied for the agents of Hamed el-Said, the MB nominee, along with the representatives of human right organizations and media.


The polls, in the eight governorates in which run-off election are held, are closed after the end of the polling day. They witnessed large-scale infringements committed by the candidates of the National Democratic Party, by their supporters, and by security and administrative bodies.    


In unconformity with a court ruling, the judges of the southern districts of Giza governorate persist to count all boxes at once, not box by box. In fact, the court ruling states that "agents and proxies of candidates shall attend and supervise count process, starting from opening boxes, adding count of votes, taking notices, till the announcement of the outcome."  



Judge Injured by NDP Thugs in Mazghouna

By: Alaa Ibrahim and Saad Al-Gizawy

At the polling station in Mazghouna constituency, a number of thugs supporting the NDP candidate, Essam Abu Al-Magd, have attacked both the judges and voters, causing insignificant injuries to one judge and a number of the citizens.
The judges and electors were surprised by aggressive actions from approximately 15 persons throwing them with stones and empty soda bottles as well as shooting fire in the air to horrify the voters.
The assault resulted in bleeding the head of judge Mouneer Khattab, who made a phone call with the Minister of Interior to detain those perpetrators.     
The police officers reacted negatively to the incident, as they did not intervene at first. Asked by the human rights monitors to take an action against this chaos, an officer said: “it is the duty of the citizens to stop them.” Other police members drove away the human rights monitors.
This brought the voting process to a halt of about an hour. Although the polling station was reopened, the voters were so frightened and terrified. 
At Manyal Sheha in Al-Hawamdeya constituency, State Security officer Sherif Omar has walked around the polling stations to horrify the electors. He also exerted pressure on the independent candidate Hosam Ashour so as not to order his supporters to vote for Dr. Gamal Qurani.
At Al-Saf polling station, a police car carrying number plate 21134 delivered a number of empty ballot boxes to Al-Saf police station!!
At Gerza polling station in Al-Ayatt constituency (Giza), Ahmed Saad, deputy of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights, was slapped by some followers of Gerza mayor.


Minute-By-Minute Run-off Elections 
– Oh Sallab! We are following you from door to door (video)
One of our correspondents has provided us with this attached video that shows vehicles transporting electors in the   constituency to vote in more than one polling station.

–  Al-Munufeya-Cairo: to and from (photo report) 

– Watch the hostile actions of the NDP thugs against voters (Video). The NDP thugs have assaulted one voter in the pooling station of Refa’a Al-Tahtawy school. The injured is shown while bleeding.

–  Watch auction of vote-buying for NDP candidates. (video). The video shows a number of women buying their votes for 50 pounds each.

– Voters from all governorates of Egypt cast their ballots in Nasr City constituency. (photo file).

-Our correspondent at Qawmeyat Al-Ahram school has informed us that three mini buses from Al-Daqahleyah and Al-Gharbeya governorates were delivering electors from outside the constituency to vote for the NDP candidates in an outrageous breach of law.

-In Nasr City standard school, chairman of “Petrogas” petroleum company was seen in the polling station inside the school. He wanted to make sure that the company employees were voting for the NDP candidate so as to reward them. 

-The NDP candidate in the polling station of the Workers University was seen distributing money for vote-buying.

-In continuation of the collective transporting, caravans of buses were watched in the front of the Railway Club polling station carrying voters from outside Cairo to vote for the NDP candidate. These are the buses number plates: Bani Suwaif 17 tourist class, Munufeya 535 and public bus 3408.

-A number of employees in some companies registered the names of all the employees on the commandment of the companies’ chairmen. If any employee voted for the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, he would be punished.          


The MB Denies any Assault on its Supreme Guide

A learnt source in the Moslem Brotherhood denied what media announced about an attack on the Supreme Guide of the Moslem Brotherhood, Muhammad Akef, during casting vote.


The source added that the Supreme Guide voted and returned home peacefully. In fact, the increasing turnout before the polling station along with the enthusiasm of some supporters of Makarm el-Deary, the MB nominee in Nasser City, would have provoked some clashes, a situation which was rapidly controlled. The media confused these clashes to be an assault on Akef. However, this confrontation erupted after Akef’s departure. 


Ballot-Rigging in The Four Constituencies of Asyut
By: Muhammad Reda

Flagrant security intervention was remarkably recorded in the four constituencies, in which the Muslim Brotherhood candidates vie for the run-off parliamentary elections. Most of the polling stations in the constituency of Asyut city were besieged and almost locked in the face of the supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, Dr. Khaled Abdul Kader Awda. 
Our correspondents have observed an assault, in polling station no.37 of the Regional Store for Health, on the general deputy Dr. Wahid Muhammad Hassan, Ismaeel Farouk and Hamza Hassan Al-Bana, whom were attacked by the bullies of the National Democratic Party (NDP). Dr. Wahid was injured in the head, while Hamza Al-Bana was hospitalized.
The perpetrators were identified as: Hassan Muhammad Hassan, Abdul Aziz (well-known as Mido) and Abdu Galal, who were confined in the police station. Al-Jazeera Channel correspondent has recorded the incident and made an interview with Dr. Wahid.      
At Arab Mateer polling station in Al-Fath constituency, where the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, Dr. Abdul Aziz Khalaf  contend against the NDP candidate, Mahmud Hashim, the security officer has expelled Abdul Hakim Abdullah Muhammad, deputy of the polling station, and ordered a number of the police officers to arrest him. When the deputy complained to the judge, the judge said he had nothing to do with whatever happened out the polling station.       
In Al-Qusseya, the birthplace of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, Mahmud Helmy, a “circulating sheet” was seized by the deputy of the candidate in front of the polling station no.126. The holder of the sheet was kept in custody, while the incident was registered in the presence of two witnesses. The judge in the polling station no.138 has not opened the station for the voters – till the time of writing of this report- under the pretense that the deputy of the NDP has not been present. In the polling station no. 33 in Asyut constituency, there was no indelible ink.     

Cairo:  Security problems and ballot-rigging in the mid-noon

It’s the mid day of the run-off elections in Egypt, and it seems that the rule of” hitting below the belt” will prevail, either by buying votes, collective registration or thuggery.
In El Tebbeen, Madina Nasr and Abdeen’s constituencies, the NP candidates continued to muster the electors, who were collectively registered from outside the constituency. Large number of them were collected by buses from companies and factories all over the republic.

 In El Tebeen, 6 thousand electors entered the constituency, among them 2800 voted for the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, Ali Fath El Bab. Though it is suspended, collective registration was carried out at the night of the run-off elections. Names were added to Madina Nasr and El Nozha constituencies’ rolls. Besides, new polling stations were created about which candidates knew nothing.

 On the other hand, the NP candidate in El Sahel constituency (northern Cairo), Ali Radwan, tried to let 60 persons to work with the constituencies’ officials but his attempt failed.

   In the same constituency, the judge supervising the polling station No.37, in Bahethah Al Badya school, violated the rules of elections by allowing a lot of persons to vote despite there were mistakes in their tripartite names.

 For his part, Muslim Brotherhood candidate, Gamal Hanafi, sent two telegrams, one of them was to the head of the higher commission of parliamentary elections and the other was to judge Zkaryya Abdel Aziz, the head of the judges club, in which he complained of collective registration in many polling stations.

In Nasr City constituency, a large number of people were taken by buses from many governorates like El -Daqahlyya, El -Munofyya,El-Fayyom , El -Bahr Al- Ahmar and El-Gharbyya, bearing election cards. Many buses carrying about 200 electors from Eldaqahlyya governorate, El Sallab’s birthplace, have moved from one constituency to the other after erasing the indelible ink

 In Al Marg, Al Nozha and Al Salam’s constituencies(eastern Cairo) a large scale forgery took place in polling station No. 132, in Fatima ElZahraa school. It was found out that the judge was signing the cards for the sake of the NDP candidates. It is known that Majdi Ashour  is the Muslim Brotherhood candidate for the labor seat  in the parliamentary elections.



30 MB Nominees Win in the Run-off Elections

In Abdeen district, of Cairo, the voting count shows the Moslem Brotherhood nominee, Gamal Hanafy, obtaining 4271 votes.

In district no.22 Misr Alqadema , of Cairo, the Moslem Brotherhood nominee, Yussery Bayoumy, achieves a victory over the National Democratic Party candidate, Mokhter Saad.

In Nozha and Marg district ,south of cairo Magdi Ashor the Moslem Brotherhood nominee
In teben and 15 may district Ali fath Albab the Moslem Brotherhood nominee
In sahel Hazem Farouk the Moslem Brotherhood nominee
In Matareyah an Ein Shams Mahmoud Megahed the Moslem Brotherhood nominee 

2- Giza:

In Giza district, the MB candidate, Mustafa Azab, defeats the NDP nominee, Mahrus Sha’roy.

Mazghonah district Ahmad Abdo Shabon the Moslem Brotherhood nominee
Hawamdeyah Gamal Qoraney the Moslem Brotherhood nominee

3- Monofeyah

In Ashmon district, of Monofiya governorate, Asherf Bader, the MB candidate succeeds
In estanha Yaser Hamoud Elmelegy the Moslem Brotherhood nominee
In Qwesna Essa Abd Alghafar the Moslem Brotherhood nominee
In Shohada Yosrey Teaelab the Moslem Brotherhood nominee
In Shohada Aly Ismael Too the Moslem Brotherhood nominee

4- Bany Sewef

 In Nasser district, of Bany Suaf governorate, Abdul Azeem el-Sherquy, the MB nominee wins
In Beeba dist. Abd Latef Qotb the Moslem Brotherhood nominee
In Markaz Hamdy Zahran the Moslem Brotherhood nominee

5- Menia

In Bander el-Miniya, Muhammad el-Kata’ny, the MB candidate is victorious. In Makhakha district, the MB nominee, Ibraheem Zanon, wins
In Malawey Baha DeAtia the Moslem Brotherhood nominee
In Edwa Mohammed Abd ALazem Aly the Moslem Brotherhood nominee
In Maghagha Ibrahem Zanon the Moslem Brotherhood nominee
In Matay Tharwat Abd Alfatah Aly the Moslem Brotherhood nominee
In Bany Mazar Musa Ghanom the Moslem Brotherhood nominee

5- Asuot

 In Koseya Mahmod Abd Mnem Aly the Moslem Brotherhood nominee
In fath Abd Alazez Khalaf the Moslem Brotherhood nominee