NDP claims struggle against MB is continuous

NDP claims struggle against MB is continuous

According to an article posted on the ruling regime’s National Democratic Party’s official website its struggle with the popular Muslim Brotherhood (MB) opposition movement was "not over".

Chief Editor of the regime’s website Yousef Werdany described the MB in his article as an illegal organization arguing that the group is the greatest threat to Egypt’s future.

Werdany maintained that the NDP had struggled against the MB in the parliamentary polls on behalf of all secular political forces

In all reality the NDP struggled against one and all as witnessed during the second round of the polls where candidates from the same NDP waged war against each other and filed complaints and appeals of rigging in favour of one NDP over another.
Werdany went on to accuse the group of discriminating against both Copts and women despite numerous assurances by MB officials that they are after a civil state which offers equality to all regardless of religion, creed or colour and based on Islamic references.

Former MP Sobhi Saleh argued in response to the article that the ruling party is waging war against all of Egypt.

The MB has repeated that it is prepared as always to extend its hand and cooperate with political opposition for the benefit of Egypt and its citizens and will continue to call for political reform through peaceful methods.