NDP Convention… Much Ado About Nothing

NDP Convention… Much Ado About Nothing

The Annual Convention of the National Democratic Party (NDP) which is scheduled to convene next Saturday November 1, 2008 seems to be different from previous conventions and has its results predetermined; especially after raising “We Promised and Our promises were met” as a motto for this year”s conference.

The convention seems also to be announcing the fulfilled promises. However, experts and specialists (including NDP members) indicated that the ruling NDP shoulders many promises which comprehensively came with adverse results.

Experts added that the regime should pursue positive attitudes towards the interests of the people to weather the country”s collapse. They said the regime persists in more oppressive and tyrannical policies leading to the killing of the people everywhere; in seas and roads as well as police stations and the increase of poverty among the people.

Some specialists explained that the NDP leaders have no position or thought within the global crises equation; they have only the policy leading to their persistence as the ruling party and dominants of the country”s wealth and powers.

Media Show

Saif Abdul Fattah; professor of the Political Theory at the faculty of Economics and Political Sciences, stressed that such conventions are nothing but a media show since the NDP officials shot up their promising and brilliant pledges last year”s conference which was directly followed by the bread crisis.

“It”s the first time in our history to witness inter-Egyptian killings for obtaining bread that required the direct interference of the President and the Armed Forces to help alleviate crisis consequences,” added Abdul Fattah indicating that the NDP has no clear futuristic strategy or definite political targets for reform because the regime adopts the “extinguishing after it”s too late” policy.

He said the NDP officials should have asked the people they rule on how far the regime succeeded to fulfill meet the peoples” needs.

No Faithful Intentions

Answering our question “if the NDP announced this year a faithful intention for judiciary independence”, Judge Mahmoud El Khudeiri; vice chief of the court of cassation, said this would be a trick that couldn”t be believed same like any expectations of the establishment of an independent state of Palestine and allowing for its armament and return of refugees at the hands of the Israelis. He commented that judiciary independence requires a comprehensive reform of all the fields of the country; which is of course against the interests of the regime, he added seeing that Egypt basically has no political parties to conclude their conventions.

People Eradication

Mr. Sayed El Ghadban; a writer and media figure, said the NDP had not fulfilled any promises; “they promised to allow for freedoms and fulfilled more fierce oppressions and despotism, promised us of prosperity and welfare bur came with more poverty and deteriorating living standards, and promised also of educational reform; however deans of the faculties oppress the students and unfairly dismiss them in favor of the security apparatus, while teachers at schools beat the students and insults them in the utmost disrespectable manner,” he added indicating that the regime would persist in killing the people to decrease their census from 80 millions to 10 million persons only to overcome their economic troubles.

“Security Solution” is the NDP”s Sole Platform

El Ghadban confirmed that the ruling party realizes no platforms other than security oppression to deter the people and direct them wherever the regime desires; regardless of the peoples” satisfaction; “all what they care for is to ensure their tycoons” prosperous and luxurious living and maintain their huge funds outside or inside the country and let the people get to hell.

Remaining in Power

“The ruling NDP has been launching excessive vacant promises and pealing mottos regarding the “New Thought” while maintaining the same despotic and tyrant status quo aiming at remaining in command,” stressed Dr Rafiq Habib adding that the NDP officials wonder in vicious circles since they possess no new agendas except for intensifying the idea of remaining in authority for ever while usurping the wealth and destinies of the country.


Mr. Hafez Abu Seda; head of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights, called on the regime to swiftly maintain the people”s political, economic, and social rights. He asserted that he feels pessimistic regarding such a convention since the country encounters a real crisis that needs to be treated immediately.

Oppression, Tyranny & Corruption

Journalist Gamal Fahmi commented saying that whenever the NDP holds conventions, we get more oppression and tyranny as well as more poverty. He confirmed that such a convention aims at paving the way for the inheritance of power to be ready to pass to Gamal Mubarak. He said the country is getting worse because we turned from the despotic regime to the despotic ruling family escorted by gangs of beneficiaries.

Real Intention for Reform

Eng. Ashraf Badr (member of the Brotherhood parliamentary bloc) stated that the NDP seemed to be promising to forge elections, spread ignorance, deepen poverty, paralyze freedoms inside universities, killing the people in the catastrophic ferry boat, roads, trains, and vehicles, usurping the wealth of the country, smuggling funds abroad. He added that the crucial factor is the real political tend for reform and change; some thing missing within the ruling regime.