NDP Forms a Committee of Senior Lawyers to Find a Way Out of Electoral Appeals

NDP Forms a Committee of Senior Lawyers to Find a Way Out of Electoral Appeals

 According to recent reports the National Democratic Party (NDP) is forming many legal committees to discuss ways to respond to the appeals filed before courts that call for repealing the recent parliamentary elections and for abolishing the description of hundreds of candidates.

There were more than 1200 appeals in which the first court and the Supreme administrative Court issued rulings stating that the elections are void.

It was reported that instructions had been given by the party leadership to take all legal means to face these rulings, to work on prolonging the litigation as much as possible, to activate the appeals submitted by the NDP and to work on ending the appeals issued by the first court.

A committee of senior legal members in the NDP was formed to supervise a huge team of lawyers to ensure the success of the NDP’s plan to make these appeals pointless and to stop the opposition and the Muslim Brotherhood from using these rulings to appeal against the legitimacy of the parliament.
The NDP fears using the court’s ruling to appeal against the legitimacy of the current parliament as well as the legitimacy of the president of the republic which should be elected next year.  The NDP also fears the possibility of the opposition gaining support from the international community to achieve their demands and gain more power.

Sources confirmed these fears and stated that the NDP aims at facing the lawsuits to secure the upcoming parliamentary elections and giving no chance to question its legitimacy, whether it is temporary or that President Mubarak continues to rule for life as was confirmed by “WikiLeaks” citing documents from the US government.

The possibility of responding to some of the final rulings was not ruled out, especially if it was related to “non-influential MPs”, as a sign of respecting the judicial rulings. This would happen particularly if the opposition gained international support and formed national and international public opinion to implement these rulings.