NDP Launches Media Offesnive to Counter Muslim Brotherhood

NDP Launches Media Offesnive to Counter Muslim Brotherhood

The General Secretariat of the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) approved an offensive media campaign to face the sprawling network of websites created by the Muslim Brotherhood, according to sources close to the party.

The campaign, which came as result of recommendations by the Policies Committee headed by Gamal Mubarak, will include dozens of new newspapers and websites across the country that will focus on issues of concern  to the middle class and emphasize on the NDP’ rule to tackle these issues.

Asem Shalabi, Muslim Brotherhood leader and chairman of its media section, confirmed to Ikhwanweb that these measures are carried out along with police crackdown against members and activists of the MB in an attempt to cripple the organization and undermine its ability to effectively communicate with the public, but it will doom to failure.

“The latest targeting of the MB media personnel, as in the arrest of Khaled Hamza, editor-in-chief of Ikhwanweb and hunting for Abdul Galil Al Sharnoubi, the editor-in-chief of  Ikhwanonline was part of a wider campaign against the MB media outlets which we all saw coming after the success of the MB websites to expose the regime’s human rights violations”.

 Shalabi added that the MB was not only able to connect with the ordinary Egyptians, but also succeeded in opening channels of dialgoue with the outside  world which helped people to understand the MB better

Shalabi doubted that NDP will succeed to tarnish the image of the MB or prevent it from communicating with the public.