NDP MPs Call for the Arrest of members of the “Parallel Parliament”

NDP MPs Call for the Arrest of members of the  “Parallel Parliament”

 A senior official of Egypt’s ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) continued to issue a mocking and strongly-worded statement about the shadow parliament, which was formed by the opposition and former MPs to protest election fraud during Egypt’s recent parliamentary elections, stressing that there is only one legitimate parliament in Egypt.
This comes in the context of comments concerning statements made by Dr. Ayman Nour, leader of Egypt’s Al-Ghad (Tomorrow) liberal party, in which he referred to the shadow parliament, and procedures that are being taken to develop a real budget that can protect the rights and interests of the poor.
The parliament’s National Democratic Party’s majority leader, Abdel Ahad Gamal el –Din, said that Ayman Nour is allegedly talking about election fraud although he is not supposed to touch this sensitive issue, stressing that Egypt has only one legitimate parliament that is authorized by the constitution to enact legislation, and to meet the country’s supreme interests.
 "The Egyptian regime is always and has never prevented others from expressing their views freely, but the parallel parliament is a departure from legitimacy and is a crime that is punishable by law because the members of the People’s Assembly were elected by the people. "
NDP MP Ali Radwan for Al-Sahel described the shadow parliament as a kind of "cartoon", adding that the opposition parties are deluding themselves if they think they can do what all the state institutions do, calling on Information Minister Anas al-Fiqi to warn satellite channels not to host those who allegedly want to divide the country into two states. He also noted that the responsibility of maintaining the country’s stability is reposed principally on al-Fiqi’s shoulders during this critical period.
MP NDP for Al-Qanater Nasr Hammam, in turn, has accused the United Nations nuclear watchdog, former chief, Mohamed ElBaradei and Al-Ghad’s leader, Ayman Nour, of wanting to destabilize the country’s peace and stability by any means.
He added: "I do not know to whom they do so because Egypt is a very stable country and the government of the ruling NDP makes every effort to protect the weak and promote the happiness of the people. "
Hammam played down the parallel parliament’s members and their ability to implement their goals, wondering: "All they can do is appear on satellite channels and issue statements of denunciation and condemnation, inciting people against government policies. "He urged Interior Minister Habib el-Adly to apply the Emergency Law against anybody who wants to venture out and act against the people’s interests