Netanyahu: The obscene liar

Netanyahu: The obscene liar

Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu is a manifestly fascist-minded demagogue who thinks that everything Jewish  must override everything non-Jewish, regardless of all considerations.
He is also a first-class liar who believes  that lying to the world, including  Jews,  is the first line of defense against growing opposition  to  genocidal Israeli criminality.
Indeed, like Nazi Germany, which waged war on Europe and killed or  caused the death of millions in the name of self-defense, Israel is  doing the same thing by threatening and attacking its neighbors, especially the helpless Palestinians who have been trying for decades to rid themselves of the Nazi-like Israeli occupation of their country.

There is no doubt that Netanyahu is a true pathological liar. Falsifying reality is simply an inherent and conspicuous character of the notorious bigot.
Netanyahu claimed this week that nuclear-armed Israel is the world’s most threatened county.
He was quoted by the Ha’aretz newspaper  as saying that “ Israel  is facing enemies  who don’t conceal their intentions, who first attack us physically and then attack our right to self-defense.”
 But Is Israel really a threatened country?

Obviously, the claim is a big lie because Israel is actually a threatening, not a  threatened country. Israel, which possesses a huge stockpile of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, has been attacking other countries from day-1 of its hateful existence.
Indeed, Israel has been trying relentlessly to annihilate the national existence of another people, the Palestinians, by  arrogating their land, demolishing their homes and towns, and expelling them from their ancestral homeland.
Harsh ethnic cleansing, which takes a variety of aspects, has always been and continues to be Israel ’s modus operandi in treating the Palestinians. Israel is probably the only country in this world that thrives on murder, theft and lies, a country that murders children on their way to school and then cries out “self-defense! Holocaust! terror.!

In his monologue of lies, Netanyahu also claimed that Palestinian “rocket attacks” on Israeli settlements were not experienced by any other country since German attacks on Britain during WWII.
Well, if the term “pornographic lies” has any meaning, it is people like  Netanyahu and his colleagues who  give it meaning.
After all, no honest person under the sun can compare the extremely primitive projectiles fired by desperate Palestinians resistance fighters on Israeli settlements, with the German raids and rocket attacks against London and other British cities.
Indeed, while the German missile and other attacks on British cities killed thousands of Britons,  eight years of Palestinian rocket firing on Israel  killed less than ten Israeli settlers. In other words, more people would die in a single traffic accident in Israel than they would in eight years of  Palestinian “rocket attacks”.
 More to the point, a single attack by Israeli fighter-bombers, e.g. F-16s and F-15s, would  cause more death and devastation than all Palestinian rockets would in many years.
This is exactly what happened during the past ten years. Israeli aerial and artillery attacks on Palestinian population centers killed thousands of innocent Palestinians. Thousands others were maimed and badly injured.  In fact, it is amply safe to state that for every Israeli settler killed by Palestinian “rockets,” a thousand Palestinians, mostly children, women and other innocent civilians, were killed by the Jewish Wehrmacht, deceptively known as “Israeli Defense Forces.”

This massive Israeli criminality culminated in the virtual genocide  in Gaza last winter, when hundreds of Israeli war planes, the state-of-the-art of the American technology of death,  rained bombs, depleted uranium and white phosphorus, on unprotected Palestinian towns.
The pornographic killings in Gaza   proved to be far more satanic and diabolic  than many of the crimes committed by the Nazis. The Nazis attacked a super-power at least by that era’s standards and bombed well-protected towns, Whereas the Nazis of our time, the Israelis, rained death on totally unprotected refugees who had absolutely no means of defense or  protection  against the virtual genocide.

Actually, what Israel did to Gaza and Gazans in December and January can be compared to the extermination of Germany’s real or perceived enemies during the War.
In both cases, innocent and helpless people were mercilessly  murdered  en mass for political or ideological reasons. Hence, the appropriateness of the term “Nazis of our time.”
Like Netanyahu is doing today, many Nazi leaders and ideologues tried to rationalize and justify their evil acts by claiming that Germany, the motherland, was facing mortal threats and the German nation was faced with either of two choices, destroying the enemies using a no-holds-barred approach, or be destroyed itself. 

But Israel is using the same Nazi arguments very lightly, not to repulse any real threats, but rather to justify real crimes against humanity being committed against the captive Palestinians.
Otherwise, how can people of any semblance of rectitude buy the big lie that a country that possesses  more 300 nuclear heads, and has one of the strongest armies in the world, and above that controls the government of the world’s only superpower,  is threatened more than any other state in the world?
It is, of course, unlikely that Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders think in their hearts that they are not lying. They do know they are lying. This is quite natural for a state that is based on lies and myths such as the claims that Palestine didn’t exist and the Palestinians were not a distinctive nation and that Israel didn’t expel the native Palestinians to the four corners of the globe.

In light, it is very important that the peoples of the world, men and women who value honesty and justice, be constantly on the alert to confront and refute Zionist hasbara lies with the same aggressiveness and resolve with which they confront Zionist crimes.
In short, Israel must not be allowed to translate its pornographic lies into a license to commit a holocaust against the Palestinian people and other peoples of the Middle East.
The Zionists are capable of doing the unthinkable. They behave as the Nazis behaved because they possess the same Nazi mindset. The only difference lies in name, place and circumstances.