• July 3, 2010

Netanyahu: Israel wont appologize to Turkey

Netanyahu: Israel wont appologize to Turkey

  Benjamin Netanyahu, Head of the occupation state of Issrael, said that “Israel” will not apologize to Turkey and will not pay any compensation because of offensive attack of Israeli commandos on the fleet of freedom about a month ago, which was sailing to the Gaza Strip to break the siege.

The Israeli attack has resulted in a timely manner of death to nine Turks and wounded dozens of peace activists who were on board the fleet of freedom, which is pushing Turkey to demand that “Israel” has to apologize for what has happened, and that the formation of an international investigation committee should take place, and a compensation be paid.

Netanyahu claimed in an exclusive interview with him last night on Channel One Israeli Television, that it is not possible for Israel to apologize and that the soldiers were forced to defend themselves from a crowd of people.

He stressed on the importance of the meeting which was held recently between the Israeli Minister of Industry, “Benjamin Ben-Eliezer,” the Foreign Minister of Turkey, Ahmet Davutoglu, noting that the meeting focused on the effort to put an end to the deterioration of relations between the two countries.