Netanyahu gov’t: Building in Jerusalem to continue

Netanyahu gov’t: Building in Jerusalem to continue

The settlement activity in occupied Jerusalem whether planning or building would continue unabated as they were in the past 43 years, Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu’s media adviser Nir Hefetz said.

He said in a radio interview on Monday that the planning and construction would be carried out in a way evading any “political confusion”.

Meanwhile, an Israeli society dealing with citizens’ rights said that Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem are the target of deliberate discrimination and neglect.

It said in a report on Sunday that 60% of those Jerusalemites are living below the poverty line, noting that 50% of second school students drop out of schools and join the black market due to the economic conditions and worsening educational conditions.

In another development, the “Save the Valley” society revealed that the Israeli occupation authority was starting construction work in a settlement in northern Jordan Valley.

It said that big quantities of wood and cement were seen heading to that settlement along with a big number of workers.