Netanyahu’s Kafkaesque vision of Palestinian statehood

Netanyahu’s Kafkaesque vision of Palestinian statehood

There is no doubt  that Benyamin Netanyahu’s odious screed  at Bar Ilan University Sunday night was a slap in the face to all  those who gave the so-called  “peace process”  between the Palestinian people and  Israel the benefit of the doubt.


First, it was a brazenly  direct affront to President Obama who thought rather naively  that nice words about peace would make the Israeli leadership change its fascistic  mindset and reconsider it colonialist approach toward the Palestinian people.


Just last week, Obama reasserted America’s commitment to the safety and security of Israel as if the Zionist entity, which possesses hundreds of nuclear warheads, was facing any real threats from its neighbors.


However, in light of Netanyahu’s speech last night, it is amply  clear that American support  of  Israel serves only to embolden the apartheid’s state and make it adopt  even more extremist postures toward the Palestinian issue.


President Obama must really deeply ponder this specific point and reconsider America ’s entire policy toward Israel .


Second, the hateful tirade was a slap in the face for the so-called “moderate” Arab regimes, like Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, who have degraded themselves and their people for the purpose of encouraging and endearing Israel to come to terms with minimal Palestinian rights.


For example, some of the Arab regimes have been playing an active role in starving and tormenting the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip in the hope of obtaining a certificate of good conduct from the Zionist leadership.


Now, these tyrants should have the courage and dignity to reconsider their erstwhile disgraceful discourse toward Israel by realizing that no matter how much Arabs and Muslims seek to appease and accommodate Israel’s racist whims, the Zionist entity will remain faithful to its diabolical principles of domination and colonialism.


Non the less, it is obvious that the biggest slap in the face went to the American-backed Palestinian regime in Ramallah, especially PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas and his de-facto prime minister Salam Fayyadh, the reputed darling of the former  Bush administration.


We all know too well how this collaborationist regime did every thing in its power to demonstrate its total subservience to Israel, the Nazi-like occupier of our homeland.


The Ramallah Judenrat has been  persecuting  the Palestinian people  to please Israel . It has rounded up thousands of Palestinian Islamic activists to demonstrate its “commitment” to the security understandings forged with the Israeli army. And more recently, it mercilessly and callously murdered resistance fighters in the northern West Bank , a feat that drew a lot of praise from the very people who had  murdered Abu Jihad, Ahmed Yasin and may well have poisoned Yasser Arafat.


In fact, what  Netanyahu was telling  these petty collaborators last night is that no matter how much they cheapen themselves before Israel , even  by killing their own people to safeguard the security of Israeli settlements, they will continue to be treated with the utter contempt they deserve.


Undoubtedly, Netanyahu’s speech amounted to a complete negation of all the “understandings and agreements” reached since the conclusion of the infamous Oslo Accords more than 16 years ago.


Netanyahu did say that he would be willing to accept a castrated Palestinian state somewhere in “the Land of Israel .” However, he insisted that such an entity would have to be tightly controlled by Israel and bereft of any semblance of sovereignty or dignity.


Indeed, the state the Nazi-minded Zionist leader has in mind has conspicuous   Kafkaesque characteristics since  its airspace, territorial water, borders, border crossings, water resources and foreign relations will be  controlled by the Ubermenschen, the “chosen people,” the “master race.”


Interestingly, the Israeli premier repeatedly demanded that the Palestinians must recognize Israel as a state of the Jewish people.


Well, for those who don’t understand Zionist phraseology, it is important to clarify that terms such as “Jewish state” or “state of the Jewish people” are actually euphemistic expressions connoting the half-revealed  but well-known Israeli intentions to deport the 1.5 million strong Palestinians living as Israeli citizens in the Zionist state.


Hence, Netanyahu and his cohorts are effectively demanding that the Palestinian people and their leadership  solemnly acknowledge that Israel will have the right to ethnically cleanse its Palestinian citizens at a time of its choosing….because Israel is “the state of the Jewish people” and anyone whishing  to be treated as an equal  citizen, he or she would have to be a Jew or convert to Judaism.


Moreover, the arrogant Zionist premier reiterated his extremist views on al-Quds al Sharif, vowing that the holy city of Jerusalem will remain Israel’s undivided capital. He also vowed to keep up settlement expansion in the West Bank , irrespective of the wishes of the Obama administration.


A pathological liar and notorious prevaricator,  Netanyahu said the conceivable Palestinian entity would have to be totally demilitarized in order to rule out the emergence  of a Hamas regime.


He utterly ignored the fact that his own government comprises Nazi-like parties, some of which even don’t recognize the very humanity of non-Jews.


Hence, one is really prompted to ask Netanyahu and those who are still beguiled by his mendacious rhetoric how he would explain to the world that Jews in Israel have the right to elect manifestly Nazi-minded  parties such as ha’Bayt ha’Yahudi and ha’Ichud ha’Leumi while the Palestinians are barred from electing a party like Hamas, which really looks like a band of boy scouts when compared to the virulently racist Jewish groups such Chabad and the Kookites whose rabbis are still arguing why the Almighty created non-Jews with two legs, not four, as He did other animals.


Undoubtedly, Netanyahu’s speech caricatured a thoroughly arrogant and megalomaniac leader, not unlike Adolph Hitler, a Fuhrer  who thinks non-Jews living the “Land of Israel” are children of a lesser God, or wretched  Untermenschen, who should serve as “wood hewers” and “water carriers” for the Jewish master race. And if they refuse servitude and enslavement, they would have to be banished into the Arabian desert or simply slaughtered en mass following the Biblical style.


Now the ball is squarely in the court of the  White House.  It is either Obama proves that he is the man of his word, by  acting  immediately to restrain this Nazi-like monster that is evidently  hell-bent on  savaging 5 million Palestinians who are demanding emancipation from decades of Zionist-Jewish cruelty.


Should Obama prove unable or unwilling to act on his proclamations which he made in Cairo last week, Arabs and Muslims as well as all other peace-loving people around the world would have to draw the right conclusion and come to term with the ugly reality in this part of the world, namely that Israel is a malignant  Nazi-like entity that is hell-bent on spreading wars and chaos in the Middle East and beyond.


Eventually, the immense  turbulence and violence  resulting from the Zionist menace would  sooner or later get the U.S. bogged down in bloodier wars in many parts of  the Muslim world, wars that would further destroy the American economy and cause untold thousands of America’s finest sons and daughters to lose their lives for Israel’s sake.